Monday, February 14, 2011

How-To make asparagus and eggs

Well I have decided to add another how-to this week, because Kroger had a sale on asparagus.  I also love that veggie so yeah.. okay so here is the big thing about this veggie. Most people cut off the bottom. Thats good and all to get off all of the woody stock off. But you could miss some and get rid of some of the best parts of the asparagus. So an easier way is to bend the stalk it will break and knock off the woody stock, voila prefect (pictures below to see).
Do that for all of them.
Okay now moving on add butter to a skillet and let it melt. About a ten inch one this time.
Meanwhile fill a small sauce pan with water bring to a boil, while its boiling put the asparagus in the pan and cook, add any spice you want, I did pepper and Sugar (I like it sweet).
 Okay is your water boiling? Good, turn off the asparagus, add a lid and let it sit. Crack an egg into the boiling water, let it cook about four minutes. Want a little softer yolk? Cook for three.
 So now test subject Jon is back, and he is hungry, so typically you place about four to six stalks of asparagus on a plate, since the test subject is really hungry and looks like he might eat me I'm putting on half of the pan on the plate. Okay stack them side by side make it look pretty. Is your egg done? Yes? Yay! Okay pull out the egg with a flat spatula or turner (whatever you call it the thing you flip things in a pan with). Okay let it drip off all the excess water and then place the egg in the middle of the asparagus. Test subject Jon is getting pretty hungry so I had better hurry, sprinkle some red pepper flakes on top and serve. So how do you eat it? Crack the yolk and dip.
I don't know if test subject Jon liked it, but the plate is clean and I still have fingers so I guess it was good.
Please comment and give me ideas for the next how-to, and below is the picture slide show:

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