Sunday, February 6, 2011

How-to Make an Omelette - Cheese

Today is how to make an Omelette...a Plain Cheese one!
I want to start by saying I have never made one before. So it's slightly a new learning experience for me and now I can help you!
So lets start...Do you have eggs? Good!
So there are lots of fillings you can add to an Omelette..however, my test Subject (Jon) likes plain cheese, and since I am a poor college student that's all I have! So yay!
Step one:
Crack some eggs into a bowl
Two for mine...
add some milk (about a tablespoon)
crack some pepper into it. If desired!
Now either, whisk or use a fork to mix it together.
DO NOT OVER BEAT! If it has bubbles, its slightly over mixed, so stop.
Let sit for a second now.
Put a pan on the stove, max size 6 in. non-stick please!
Add some butter/margarine/other greasing agent (olive oil, cooking spray, etc.)
turn on stove to medium low, let pan sit, walk back over to where you left your eggs!
Now pour eggs slowly into pan (make sure if you used a solid fat that it is melted)
tilt pan in a circular motion to make sure the bottom of the pan is fully covered with the egg solution.
Now this is the most important part....just let it sit.
It takes about 3-5 minutes to fully cook. It should be slightly wet on top when done, only little bits though, not like pure liquid, just gelatinousness if you will. Now comes the fun part. Check under the omelette, slide a spatula  under an edge and make sure its just about golden brown underneath. Is it? I'll wait....good!
Now add some cheese to it. I added sharp cheddar cheese, I added a little more than normal because my test subject enjoys cheese. So sprinkle cheese, a little goes a long way. Start to slide omelette off the pan and onto a plate, when it is half off of the pan, fold it over top of the other half to achieve omelette perfection!
Do you desire more to an omelette? Okay!
Add these for more tasty-ness:
Ham (or other amazing pork products)
Green Onions
Peppers (bell, jalapeƱo or even fresh banana peppers)
Cilantro (or other fresh herbs)
or whatever you think sounds good!
Please comment, and suggest other How-to's that you would like to see!
Below is pictures for the above recipe

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