Monday, March 28, 2011

How-To make a Sourdough Starter

I love sourdough! However, it is hard to make a lot of sourdough items without a starter, making a starter is a long process and takes days before you can even make a sourdough item. I wanted to make cookies, yes sourdough cookies. I know it sounds weird but a girl I went to high school with liked them and it sounded good to me. So the first thing with any sourdough item is you need a couple of days before you use it, 2-5 to be precise! It supposedly has a nice sourdough smell but since I have a cold..I have no clue how it will smell. So here is what you will need:
2 C.Flour
1 Package Yeast
2 C. warm Water
2 TSP Honey or Sugar
Tea Towel
Plastic or Glass Container
Wooden Spoon
Now this will sit on the counter top for days so make sure you have space for it to just chill, it needs to be about 68 - 80 degrees in your room. Okay first thing first put the flour and yeast into the vessel mine is a large plastic measuring cup...which my father misses a great deal...anyway, get some warm water..about 105 - 115 degrees any colder won't work any hotter and bye bye yeast! So mix the water in with a wooden spoon and then add the honey or sugar, I prefer honey as it has a distinct taste and it is all natural. Sugar will allow the starter to develop quicker allowing you to use it quicker! Okay so after it is all mixed in place a tea towel over top of the plastic vessel, when bubbles begin to appear cover with plastic wrap leaving some open space, and call it day. Tomorrow stir and remove one cup of mixture replace with 1 c. warm water and 1 c. flour stir and place tea towel over for an hour, then plastic wrap it again...stir and repeat the same task each day until you are ready to use it. Now if you, like me, are not going to be using it every day feel free to place it in the fridge,while in the fridge there is no need to "feed it" and make sure to remove it eight hours before you are ready to use it. If you are not going to use it for a LONG LONG time place it in a plastic Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer, when you want it pull it out 2 days prior and feed it once it has defrosted. Now since mine will be in the fridge there can and will be an item that forms on top called hooch. You can stir it in if you're going to be baking, if you don't want it pour it out. If your starter ever looks orange or pink throw it out and start again. Please check back with me in a couple of days for a new recipe using the starter! Note: The  starter will not be ready for a couple of days but you still have to feed it!

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