Monday, April 11, 2011

How to make the best Apple Pie!

It's that time again, no I am not talking about spring, or even baseball season, it's apple pie time....see it's that time of year when everything is in bloom everyone starts eating more fresh fruit, and since I figure we will be having picnics soon what's better than having a good apple pie recipe? This pie recipe has been in my family for years, it was my great grandmother's recipe, she and her family have been making it for years, see they use honey in the place of sugar because..well during the war time sugar was in high demand but they lived on a farm and probably had some bees or their friends did. So let's get started!
Things you will need:
6 Large apples *I use half granny smith half Gala you can use whatever you want*
9 inch pie pan/plate
2 Tablespoons of flour or quick cooking tapioca
1/2 c. of honey
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
2 Tablespoons of butter
Okay now let's start with preheating the oven! Preheat to 370 degrees, yes I know that is a weird temperature but guess what my great grandmother made it for 70 years that way, you wanna argue with her? I didn't think so! Moving on, please peel and slice all of the apples; *note: please make all of the apples close to the same size so they can all cook properly and all be done at the same time, no half cooked half mush! Not a good taste! Also you do not have to peel the apples if you do not want to.* So place all the apples in a large bowl add the honey, flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg  and mix. Now put either a store bought pie crust or make your own in a pie plate...No I did not make my own, why, well my mom is the best person ever to make pie crusts and I hate making them. So add your pretty little apples in the pan and "dot" aka take your two tablespoons of butter and slice into smaller pieces and place on top of the apples. Now you can do any of the following items to the top of the pie, crumb topping, which is super simple, lattice, or just the other pie crust. Now I know what you are thinking, LATTICE! THAT'S HARD! However, fear not! Lattice is simple! Cut your pie crust into long thin strips, should make about nine, you will only need 7. So place four strips length ways. Now they are numbered 1-4, slightly lift up 1 and 3 so that there is enough space to place another strip, place it across the pie in the other direction. Put number 1 and 3 back in place. Pick up 2 and 4, put another strip in, replace 2 and 4. Last one, pull back 1 and 3 and add the last strip. Put pieces back down, now if this is still a little hard for you to understand please see the pictures below! Yay! Now you can do any of the following, milk or egg wash on top of the crust to make it brown up better of course it is optional. To do an egg wash which is what I did crack an egg dilute it with water and brush across the top, once finished sprinkle a little bit of sugar to make it pretty! Milk wash? Milk only brush and repeat. Now that you are finished place the pie plate on a sheet pan and place it in the oven at 370 degrees and cook for 45 -50 minutes. Or until apples are done. Now I know what you are thinking why put it on another pan? Well if you want drippings in the bottom of your oven then don't listen to me, but I don't wanna clean that up. Now we have several test subjects this week willing to give this pie a shot. We have test subject Jon, Marissa, Akeem, and Tristan all ready for a slice! *Test subjects nod in approval* yay!

Lattice time!

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