Monday, May 16, 2011

How to make flour-less chocolate torte

Now a friend of mine is allergic to gluten and I made this for her a long time ago and wanted to recreate this recipe so she could do it!
What you need:
Spring form pan (you could make it in a torte pan too)
2 sticks plus 2 Tbs butter (cut up into pieces)
9 oz good dark chocolate
6 Lg eggs, separated
2/3 c sugar (bakers sugar is finer and therefore better but optional)
2 oz of almonds or any nut you prefer. This is optional as well
A mixer
Now let's get started! Preheat to 350! Get a pot or double boiler (I made my own) put some water in the pot and put the double boiler top or metal bowl over the pot and bring to boil. In that metal bowl you should have the chocolate and butter. Melt it together, once finished let it cool. Moving along, separate the eggs, place yolks (yellow part) in large bowl and whites (the albumin) in the mixers bowl. Now add the sugar to the yolks and beat until it turns a pale yellow. Then once that is done take your mixer and beat the whites until they are stiff, this mean that if you removed the beater the curve should look slightly bent but stay rigid. Now take your cooled chocolate and add the "yellow" mixture to it once it is thoroughly combined add in the finely chopped nuts. Now here comes the hard part. The whites...and...folding. Folding in baking means to LIGHTLY pull one side of the mixture over onto the other side without over mixing. It is used with egg whites that have been beaten, berries that can break easily, and basically anything that is "light" is folded into the heavier substance. Now easiest way to do this is in thirds. take the first third and just mix it in. Second third mix in by turning the chocolate mixture onto the egg whites with a rubber scraper (or spatula, whatever you call it) then do the last third. Now it does not have to be totally mixed in, just needs to be incorporated pour into torte pan or spring-form pan and bake at 350 for 35 minutes and still moist in the middle cool for about an hour.  Test subject dad said "Good, but I would rather have chocolate cake with white frosting" :)

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