Monday, May 2, 2011

How to make French silk pie

So the future hubby's favorite pie is French Silk, and he's very particular.  So I took it upon myself to make tasty pie minus buying at the store. So do you want pie? Yes? Okay! Lets get started!
Things you will need:
1 Pie Crust (yeah I am STILL using store bought!)
3 oz unsweetened chocolate
1 C. Butter, softened, DO NOT USE MARGARINE
1 C. sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
4 Fresh eggs, yes they will be raw..
whip cream which I will also be making so
2 C. heavy whipping cream
2 tbs of powdered sugar
Now I will give awesome instructions on how to make this.
Start out with baking your pie crust, you need to place it in a pan bake it via instructions mine was bake at 425 degrees for 12 minutes, you will need to put something in you pan to "weigh" down the pie crust I used CHEAP beans.  You can buy pie weights if you prefer. So bake your crust and let it sit.  It needs to be fully cooled, it will take about 30 minutes or so.  Now moving along, melt your chocolate, if you do this in the microwave please remember that chocolate keeps its shape so you can burn it quite easily, I always do it via a double boiler, or over the stove.  So melt that and let it sit to cool....about ten minutes or so.  Now take your butter, softened, and sugar and beat until light and fluffy, then beat in cooled chocolate and vanilla.  Mix until well blended.  Now here is the "hard" part.  Beat in ONE egg at a time.  You beat the egg for two minutes, set a timer! Then beat in the next egg, two more minutes, do this until ALL the eggs are in, yes you must beat the last egg for two minutes too.  Now place in cooled pie crust, refrigerate for two hours, then top with whip cream and chocolate curls if you want.  Now how to make the whipped cream.  Take a bowl and put it in the freezer along with your beaters, leave them in there for at least ten minutes. Place your bowl on the counter top and add 2 c. of very chilled heavy whipping cream and 2 tbs of powdered sugar.  Beat on high until you get soft peaks, this means that if you take your beaters out the whip cream will fall over on itself.  Now as I serve a slice to test subject Peter he devours and looks satisfied.

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