Monday, June 27, 2011

How to make great fried chicken

There are things in this world that some people are better at making than others. I know for one I can bake sweets better than my mom not that she does not make some tasty stuff but I experiment more than her with baking so I have some more experience with it. However, on the other hand, my grandmother makes really fantastic fried chicken. So does my mom. I have only pan fried chicken once in my life. It was when I was twelve. I burnt myself and made my grease nasty because I heated it too hot. Yes you can burn that oil. So since then I have deep fried some chicken tenders in a huge pot with tons of oil. So let me tell you the story about why today is fried chicken day instead of homemade Oreo day.  My grandparents that have been featured in the pecan pie blog live in Tennessee.   My mother went to visit them this weekend, and since I work during the week and she’s off for the summer she’ll be there for a few days sans me.  Leaving me in charge of cooking for test subject dad, this would not be an issue but she stole her camera…yes I know it’s hers so she’s not really stealing it. But this is my blog so deal with it. Anyway, she took her camera away…with my photos of how to make Oreo’s…not good! So I said “Mom! You took your camera! I had photos on that for my blog!” Her response you ask? “Well I guess you’ll have to make something out of the chicken in the fridge…oh and make something your dad will eat!” This limited the possibilities…but I thought well I always trash talk test subject Akeem’s chicken even though it’s good…how hard can this be? It’s only been…23-12….11! 11 years since I last made chicken. I saw a good eats episode I’m good! So now let’s get to the good part. ANYONE CAN MAKE THIS! Follow my instructions! I will guide you through “Frying up a mess of chicken” Yes...a “Mess” if chicken…I do not know what measurement that is but it’s what I was told to do. So let’s get started!
What you will need:
10 in cast iron skillet…no it does not have to be cast iron…but I like it
1 -2 lbs chicken
2 c butter milk or sour milk (1 1/2 c milk and then add vinegar to it to make two cups)
1 tbs Salt
2 tbs paprika
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper (more or less for spiciness)
Flour for dredging
Shortening to fry in
Now this is Mr. Alton Brown’s recipe he used on good eats so I trust him. But I will tell you right now this is not like any other way I’ve seen to make chicken. First we are going to soak the chicken for up to 12 hours. Just let it sit in a closed container in the fridge.

Has it been long enough? Mine is ready! Okay so take your shortening and melt it in your cast iron skillet or whatever you are using over medium heat. It took 2 1/2 c. for me. You only want about 1/2 inch or so of oil.

Okay now moving along. Drain that chicken and let it sit for a moment. Get a plastic container for the flour, something big enough for the chicken to be tossed in it. I used something with a lid. Okay now mix all your seasonings in a bowl by themselves. Put the flour ONLY in the container. Take your chicken and coat it with the seasonings liberally. Yes ON THE CHICKEN NOT IN THE FLOUR! I know weird huh? Okay so now what? Oh yeah, take your chicken and “dredge” or toss it in the flour. Continue until you are done dredging all of the chicken. Now your oil should be about 325 degrees, and it should be ready to fry in. You don’t want it hotter than that. So now place some pieces in the pan.

 If you’re using bone in chicken the larger pieces should be in the center and the legs and stuff on the outside. So…yeah…but I’m lucky, we had boneless chicken thighs! Okay so cook it until it is 180 degrees inside or about 10-12 min per side. Then drain on a cooling rack with some newspaper to wick off the extra grease.  Then serve. Uh yum! So how did it taste you ask. My father gave me the biggest compliment ever “It’s just like my grandmothers!” Apparently that’s a good thing…test subject Peter ate three pieces so must have been good!

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