Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to make homemade orange creamsicle's

 I realized late last night that I had not published my new blog. I struggled for a few moments on deciding what to actually publish. Upon thinking some more I realized that it is ninety degrees here in Ohio and what better way to celebrate than show you guys how to make Creamsicle’s! Now before we get started I would like to take this time to say I bought out all of the Popsicle molds when I went to the store but they should be back by now! Also, I would like to take this time to talk about measurements. When my blog says two cups, we all know to take two cups and measure it out. However, when you are standing in the store milk does not come in two cups. So let me tell you a secret. There is a man called gallon man. Have you heard of him? No? Well Google the gallon man! I prefer the one that is actually the G. Well I digress why do I bring him up? Well when I was standing in the store getting ready to purchase two cup of milk I had to go through the gallon man. It just taught me how to do liquid measurements and tell me exactly what I need.  The only problem with this gallon man is that he does not have my little addition. There is a photo below here:

See he’s pretty easy, however, I always write 8 oz = 1 cup in the middle. Now I am done with this silly little math lesson! Just trying to be helpful for the next time you go to the store! Now what do we need?

2 c. Orange juice (2 c = 1 pint)
1/3 c. Honey
4 Egg yolk (sorry it will be raw, so yeah, more to come on that!)
2 c. Heavy cream (2 c = 1 pint)
2 c. Whole milk (2 c …. You get it by now)
1 1/2 tbs Orange extract
1 tbs Vanilla extract
Popsicle molds or something else

Okay now let’s get started! In a large sauce pan place the two cups of orange juice and third of a cup of honey, we are now going to let it reduce. I know, I hate waiting on things to reduce too. If you follow this blog you will recall the orange chicken, we let that sauce reduce too! I am not one for waiting. Reducing takes about fifteen minutes…that’s fifteen minutes this could have been in the freezer! But I will tell you this, reducing makes the best sauce so deal with it, or do what I did, make something else while it’s reducing because watching a pot boil is about as much fun as a root canal. So once the sauce is done let it sit for like ten minutes to chill. Once that is done pull out your dairy, eggs, and extracts. Now I know what you’re thinking. Raw eggs?! No way! My little baby could get ... salmonella! Okay, I am the biggest fan of no raw eggs! But in ice cream I am always okay with raw egg. You still have a problem with them then here is a little fact only 1 of every 20,000 eggs might contain the bacteria. So did you buy them? Probably not plus I bet you eat cookie dough or let your kids lick the beater when you’re done baking a cake! So there!

Moving along, in a large bowl place your egg yolks, but what should you do with your egg whites? Well place them in a plastic bag. Put that bag in the freezer, use it next time you need egg whites, and let them thaw out the day before.  Now in the same bowl mix in the dairy, whisk it all together, now add the orange honey mixture. I am pretty sure I reduced mine too much so keep an eye on it. Mix well and place in molds. Freeze and enjoy. Test subjects this week included, Dad, Luke, Malia, Peter, and Elijah. I would like to thank test subject Elijah my four year old nephew, he was the most helpful when it came to eating. He was glad to have his photo taken and ate four, so it was pretty tasty. I was requested to add more orange next time. So if I make this again I will probably use two percent milk and double my orange juice honey thing.  However please try them first they may just be perfect for you the way they are they were for me!

As always I am accepting recipe ideas for my blog! Please email jlthacker06@gmail.com if you have anything you would like to share! Happy eating!

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