Monday, July 18, 2011

How to make cake bites

Today I am going to discuss how to make cake bites…these things have five million names, cake pop’s, cake balls, and cake bites just to name a few. Of course if you have a better name I would love to have it. So here we go let me tell you what you will need.
1 box of cake mix
1 can of frosting
Chocolate for melting
Now bake a cake…just follow the instructions on the back of the box. Let it fully cool. I let mine sit overnight. Now all the things I have read said to break it up, crumble it. Well I am super lazy…used a mixer…yeah so what? I’m lazy! Okay now moving along. So the cake is all crumbled now mix in 1 can of frosting. Mine is chocolate cake with white frosting. Now make bite size balls. If you have a melon baller it would be easy but if not small balls. Now place them on a sheet pan or any container with a lid and freeze…yeah freeze them.  Wait about 2 plus hours pull out about 10 of them and dip in melted chocolate. Why only ten, well if you leave the others in the freezer they will stay firm. They defrost so fast that if you don’t leave them then they will be soft and unable to dip. That’s not fun, so if they defrost feel free to refreeze, also as you can tell mine are not perfectly round well they sometimes go flat in the freezer so you can reform … good luck with that. Now as I said above any cake mix, so here are some popular options.
Chocolate with white frosting or chocolate frosting
Strawberry cake with either frosting, white is prettier
Lemon cake with cream cheese
Red Velvet with cream cheese
Carrot and cream cheese
White with white
The possibilities are endless. Dip them in any kind of chocolate you so desire but candy melts are the easiest! I did white chocolate for mine for the bridal shower I had this weekend. I made 80 and had 42 guests there were only 20 left over.  My niece and nephew loved these things, once you get to the photo’s you will see Malia posing with her cake pop. She really loved them.  I also covered some of mine with sprinkles which was fun but if you melt another thing of chocolate to drizzle might I suggest a disposable pastry bag, and then cut a small little hole, so much easier than filling a squeeze bottle. Also if you want the sticks I bought them at a craft store! Is this helping anyone? As always I am accepting ideas for the blog should I continue writing it. Facebook, twitter, or email me! and happy eating!

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