Monday, August 8, 2011

How to make Italian Cream soda

So today it is hot out and I thought why not make a drink that can beat the heat! Also I love this and it is super simple. Ever have an Italian cream soda? Well I have and they are great, but super expensive out so I learned the recipe and made it for all my readers! Let’s get started shall we!
Things you will need:
Club soda or lemon lime soda…I used sierra mist 
Drink flavoring, Torani syrup is the best flavoring I have found! Today’s flavor is strawberry but I also use orange. These can be hard to find I got mine at Jungle Jim’s which is only here in Ohio, but it can be bought online or at GFS. Now any flavor you want is okay!
Cream, milk, or half and half.
Large Glass
Put ice in a glass fill 3/4 full of the soda. Add about 1 – 2 tbsp of your flavoring to the glass. Then add a “shot” about a tablespoon or more of any of the above listed dairy product. Mix, add a straw and enjoy. Now since I used sierra mist which has no caffeine I figured the niece and nephew could have some without whiplash of super sugar hike. Also they loved it so that was nice. This is a mild and tasty drink. It reminds me of a milk shake! Super easy to make and tastes great, oh and I didn’t have to pay 4 bucks for a glass. I probably only paid four bucks for all the ingredients and now I can make ten of them! 
Also if you are having trouble finding the syrup here is a link
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