Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to melt chocolate

As most of you know I am getting married. As my nuptials are becoming closer I find myself running out of time. For example I forgot I was making my favors for the wedding. I had decided this back in January, you know that frigid cold month with a lot of snow?  Well let me tell you something I decided to make chocolates, yes, chocolate, you know melt my own, put it in molds, a bunch of different colors, yes what a smart idea, that will take no time at all…not. Well let me tell you something the months leading up to September are hot, however January is a cold month so I had a genius idea to purchase chocolates and have them shipped to me in January so they won’t melt…yes…you’re going to melt them but let’s make sure they don’t melt before I know I am a genius.  However, I purchased them and had them placed in the freezer at my grandmother’s house. Yes I know genius! Wait all I have to do is melt these, and as I am now reading the instructions it clearly states DO NOT FREEZE OR REFRIDGERATE THESE. Oh crap I’m thinking what in the world am I going to do?! Well let me tell you something. They melt just fine, the secret is DO NOT DO IT WHILE THEY ARE COLD. Wow it only took me twelve seconds to figure that out. Want to know how I know? Of course you do, well first of all I freeze our chocolate chips all the time.  They thaw out nicely. Well so I learned that even though those little instructions state not to, it works just fine. Just let it come to room temperature naturally. So my blog this week is on melting chocolates.
What you will need:
Double Boiler
Melting chocolate- order online or buy Wilton, make sure it will harden so don’t get stuff for the chocolate fountain
Molds’ for chocolates also order online or go to a store
Disposable piping bags or Ziploc bags
Okay double boiler, use a medium sauce pan, fill with water, place a metal bowl over top add chocolate, let it melt slowly. Place chocolate in bag, snip end fill molds.  Smack molds on the table to get chocolate to set into the mold and get rid of bubbles. Let it set up. Then when all is said and done pop them out and guess what store in an air tight container, I did mine in the freezer. Take that! There are five million you-tube videos I am sure, but I hope this helps. As always I am accepting ideas for the blog! Facebook, twitter, or email me! and happy eating!

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