Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to make caramel apples

It's my favorite time of year as  I am sure I have already dad and I love caramel apples, so I had massive amounts of apples and some tasty little caramels in a wrapper. No I am not making my own caramel, why because I am lazy, I may write a blog on that eventually but not right now. So there we go. So what will we need?
Sticks - any type
Apples- the better the apple the better the caramel apple DUH you'll need at least five
A pot
Now there are several ways to do this, you can do the double boiler method which is safer if you are afraid that you may burn the caramels or if your lazy and have five million other things to do. Now basically this is all you do, unwrap all the caramels and then add 2 tbsp of water and melt. Now if you are doing it in a regular skillet cook caramel with water over medium low heat stirring constantly. Now in the double boiler wait for it to melt a little bit and then stir until it is fully melted. Now once that is finished make sure you have all your apples ready, washed and dried and stuck with your sticks. Now dip the apples. You'll notice that the caramel is not deep enough so use a spatula or rubber scrapper and pull the caramel up on the side of the apples. Place the apples on a piece of wax paper and place in the fridge for about fifteen minutes.  once cooled enjoy your apples, any ideas please email or comment!

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