Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to make cake-mix cookies

This week on how to I made cake mix cookies, aka the store had a sale on cake mix ten for ten and I was tired of cake. Plus a cookie is easier to eat. So here are the only things you will need:
Cake mix
2 Eggs 
1/2 c. oil
anything you want to mix in...we'll discuss it later.
First pre heat oven to 350 then add any flavor of cake mix, eggs, and oil in a mixing bowl and mix. That is it...yeah talk about easy. I did funfetti which is like amazing any way and my dad does not like funfetti cake but loved the cookies. This week we had a new test subject, test subject Steve. He ate like 12 cookies. Yes I do believe they were some tasty cookies. Now moving along since those lasted one day and only made about 28 cookies, well relatively large cookies I made more the next day, the next day I decided on red velvet. They are after all the husbands favorite, now to these I added 1 bag of white chocolate chips, which I regretted immediately after, there was too much chocolate in it. I know me say too much chocolate but it is true I do believe one cup would have sufficed. Moving along you bake the cookies for 12 - 15 minutes allow to sit for 3 - 5 on the pan then move to cooling rack and they are tasty amazingness. Now let's discuss different styles. I have told you my first two but you could do things like put sprinkles on top, or frosting I, however, feel that frosting would have been too much. So pick your cake mix flavor and add whatever you want or furthermore don't want. You could do anything , lemon and white chips, Chocolate and PB chips, Chocolate and mint, White cake with choc chips and nuts ....etc. the possibilities are endless...well until you run out of cake mix and mix in's then it's back to the store!!! Email me idea's people I am running out of things I think everyone needs to know! With the Holidays coming up I am contemplating how to on just cookies, you know being the season for over eating and all! Let me know people and happy eating!!

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