Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to make chocolate candy cashew goodies

This week I was hanging out with my grandmother and she needed some help making some tasty items for Christmas. She had this recipe for candy there was no real name, so she called it chocolate candy cashew goodies. We enjoy them every year for Christmas. So here we go,
what you will need:
16 oz white chocolate chopped or chips
7 oz milk choc.
7 oz bittersweet choc.
4 c Salted cashews - pieces or whole
3/4 c. English toffee bits - we used heath bits yummmm
Basically this is the easiest thing ever, melt the chocolate together, double boiler method or on low in a pot on the stove, add the cashews and toffee once all melted then spoon out on wax paper, move quick after all you don't want it to set up in the pan, and let cool in the fridge for ten min and call it a day, I will say that these are really REALLY rich so the smaller the pieces the better, it makes about 3 lbs so it's nice ya know lots of candy for Christmas day or whatever you decide to celebrate yeah I know I said I would not be posting this week but I got it done early!!!

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