Tuesday, January 31, 2012

50 Things you probably do not know about me for the 50th blog post

1. I have three Kidneys
2. On my wedding day my father and I made jokes while going down the walkway about having a zombie wedding. It will be one of my favorite memories from that day.
3. I only have one ovary - the other was removed in surgery
4. I love reading, I don't do it often enough.
5. I love cats
6. I love baking - surprised right
7. I enjoy kids and someday I want 4 at least - which my husband and I will probably have to adopt now
8. I want to be a foster parent
9. I am obsessed with coke, it is my favorite pop
10. I love sappy movies about nothing important.
11. I know how to sew, I'm pretty good I've even won some prizes - my mom taught me!
12. I like trying new baking ideas, I stumble for hours on the internet
13. My favorite book is the original brothers grimm fairy tale book
14. My favorite flowers are Tiger lilies - they were out of season when my husband and I got married so he told me to get the oriental Lilly, he knows me quite well.
15. I hate bad parents -I know too many
16. I hate tea - as does my mom and grandmother
17. I love coffee - my grandfather hates it
18. I love hot cocoa
19. My best friend and I have been friends since third grade, we added another friend to our group in high school, we are still really close and ask each other for advice all the time - I have another whole group from college and we are all close still
20. I often dream of opening my own restaurant
21. Even though I went to school for English, I often wish I had went for cooking
22. My favorite food is ribs, I love them, of course any pork product is amazing
23. There are people in my life that I would love to cuss out and tell them how I really feel about them, but my mother raised me better.
24. I have a new love affair with salt and pepper potato chips - I blame my old roommate and her lover jon...I love them both!
25. My favorite tv show is Supernatural- dean is really hot
26. I love tennis, it is my favorite sport.
27. I love arts and crafts, however I am not crafty - most of the time it ends up looking like a three year old did it
28. I hate poems...there are a couple I enjoy but I absolutely hate reading them and writing them.
29. I did not attend my graduation from EKU I did not want to .
30. My favorite thing to do is play final fantasy... specifically 7 but any will do
31. I want to live in Maine.
32. I want a Maine Coone cat
33. I really want any cat
34. I am allergic to banana's, avocado's, and Latex...I love banana's and avocado's
35. When I am hungry and nothing sounds good I eat a PB sandwich
36. I love chocolate pudding, preferably homemade and not cook and serve, instant homemade
37. When I drink any liquid I prefer it in a fancy glass
38. I would eat off of china plates everyday
39. I am picky when it comes to certain things they have to be done just right
40. I color my hair every two months or so, no real large changes, just small ones
41. I have had short hair since I was a freshman in college before that I had long hair my Sr. year of high school only....I always say I am going to grow it out, it just never happens
42. I have two brothers no real sisters but I have several women I consider to be my sisters three specifically
43. I had one dog in my life that I loved his name was mick, I will never have another dog as good as him
44. Blue is my favorite color
45. When I was in 6th grade our English teacher made us memorize the different tenses of odd verbs, when I get nervous I either say them or I count to 100
46. I wish I could play an instrument really well, I just suck at reading music
47. My favorite actors are  Sean Connery, Liam Neeson, and Mark Harmon
48. I want to live in France
49. I wish I spoke French fluently and ate lots of french food
50. I love the smell of rain
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