Friday, January 13, 2012

How to breathe new life into old crayons

Crayons, my favorite thing ever, they smell pretty, they make pretty pictures, they can be used for so many cool items, did I mention I love the smell? I love love love them, okay here is a back story on it, when I was in college I was a RA, as a residential assistant we had to make door decorations I cut out crayons asked everyone what their favorite color of a crayon was and colored them that way. I love crayons that much. I also love crayons so much that a color in coloring books almost every day. I am obsessed with them. Any way moving along, I had some broken crayons just lying around, so I thought you know I have seen a ton of these melt down crayons and make them into something new, plus one of my friends recently did that melting crayons on canvas thing and I thought oooo I want to do something with crayons! So let’s get started!
What you will need:
Broken crayons or new ones
Silicone molds
An oven
So my nephew and I sat down and peeled some crayons, he really enjoyed this it was somewhat hard to do with some kinds of crayons I will say that if you had a small knife this was easier, so then once my nephew and I got all the paper off we broke up the crayons, placed similar colors in the same mold. Or you could place all of the same color in one mold but we decided we wanted some sparkly interesting colors. Anyway, now place them in a 250 degree oven for 15 – 20 minutes or until they are all melted, let cool, pop out of mold. Now I will state DO NOT use a silicone mold that you’re going to want to use again for food, buy a new one and use that. Remember if a little kid is going to use it keep it smaller. Now if you’re like me once mine was done I just took it outside since it’s a winter wonder land outside. Then once they are all cooled down pop em out and let the kids color as much as they want, we got a lot of nice photos. So cleaning wise, I am not cleaning a pan I’ll just use it again for crayons so just leave it for that!!! Happy…..crayon melting? Enjoy! Also this is SUPER SUPER EASY!

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