Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to make BBQ hamburgers

BBQ hamburgers. Yes that is just a statement. They are my mom’s side of the family’s favorite food. Perfect for a party. They make a lot and they are delicious.  So here we go.

Things you will need:

2 lbs of hamburger meat
1 c sugar

1 jar of ketchup – we use the little bottle, about 14 oz plus water
1 onion

1/4 c. of vinegar
So let me tell you a story about these, this is my Mom’s mom’s recipe. She has had it for years and they made it all the time when my mother was growing up. When her sister made it one time when they were growing up she made it using 4 cups of vinegar. Why you ask? Well she misread the recipe. How funny huh! So moving along. Take the onion and chop it up fine and then take the rest of the ingredients, on a side not, empty the ketchup bottle and fill it with water then shake it up and add that to the sauce too, this makes the sauce better, so now like I was saying add all EXCEPT for the hamburger and put it in a LARGE pot and simmer for 30 minutes. Now while that is doing that, make 2 oz burgers, about 16 in the end. You could make up to 4 oz but I am trying to save on calories so I did 2 oz. Once finished making 2 oz burgers brown them, cooking them all the way through. Once browned place on plate and wait for sauce to be finished, we are resting our meat at this point. Now once the sauce has simmered add your hamburgers to the sauce and cook them in the sauce for 1 hour. That’s right ONE hour. Once that is finished if you cannot wait you may ingest the burgers. However, if you can stand to wait put the sauce and burgers in the fridge and let them sit over night. Then the next day when you have a couple of hours before dinner place them in a Crockpot and cook them on low for a couple of hours until they are warm and then place on a hamburger bun and add a little sauce and bam! A burger! Or you could add other things too it, like mustard, cheese, or onions. You know how you like burgers why am I suggesting things for you. Now as I said I have been watching my weight so I figured out the calories for you. 389 per burger including the bun yes not bad for a burger and it tastes fantastic! Now go and enjoy your burgers…I don’t get mine until tomorrow-sad day . Any ideas feel free to email me. Like me on facebook, or pin my blog!

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