Wednesday, February 22, 2012

how to make pan release and an ice cream cake

This week we will be making two things, one we have to make for the other. We are making pan release, you know like that stuff you buy in a can and spray on your pans in hopes that they will be released from the evil clutches of the oh so delicate mold. You catch my drift. Anyway, we are going to make that and use it in a pan to make a filled cake…a filled ICE CREAM cake, I know I know, hold the applause.

How are you going to get it filled you ask? Oh ye of little faith. Simple, I purchased a pan that is shaped with open cavities so I can fill it after it’s baked and cooled. My pan is supposed to be heart shaped when it’s finished. I got it 75 percent off…you get why I am making it now, I know, I am cheap. Any way moving along shall we get started? Great!

First thing is first the pan release.

1/2 c of each of the following: flour, shortening, and olive oil, OR vegetable oil – either work well.

So get a mixing bowl add a half a cup of each and beat it with the beater. It’s a lot of effort to beat by hand…now this is the only video I have, for this one step. Since the next step is easy.

What you will need for the cake:

Your choice of ice cream, I did chocolate and vanilla with a fudge ring in the middle

Cake mix – and all the stuff for it

A pan that allows you to fill a cake

A freezer with space

Fudge filling

Whip cream

Okay so grease your pan with your new pan release – just take a pastry brush and brush it all over it. Then pour your batter in and bake. You can do that without instructions by now I am sure. Once your cake is done baking allow it to sit in the pan for 10 minutes then run a knife around the edge of the pan to make sure it is loose and then flip over onto a cooling rack. Let it cool completely and then wrap and freeze the cake overnight, or for a couple of hours. Yes this is almost a two-day process.

Once your finished with the freezing of the cake pull out your ice cream and let it soften up so you can mix it with my mom’s secret ingredient. Okay so remove your frozen cakes and place one on a plate, then mix your ice cream by hand in a mixing bowl with about ½ - ¾ a cup of whip cream…why you ask, well it makes the ice cream easier to cut through and eat when frozen solid, yes it is her secret and works well for all ice cream based cakes or pies.

So once that is done you can add all of your ice cream or layer it. I did half and half so I put down chocolate and then a layer of fudge filling, which I made from scratch and was delicious, then I put the vanilla on top. Then cover with other cake layer, and “frost” with more whip cream or leave as is. You can drizzle with fudge or caramel then cover and put it back in the freezer until it is ready to ingest.

Now let’s say your cake does not have a cool tube that allows you to fill it, just scrap out some cake, I will not tell you how to do it, I have never done it, but I am sure you could google it. So do it at your on risk. Now in addition to this did you notice how well that pan release worked, go ahead and thank me…you are welcome. It is fantastic I know, according to the lady who wrote that recipe it works on everything, she even used it on banana bread with chocolate chips and it came out. My pan was practically clean when I finished so no complaints from this end and the inside kind of looked like a heart once it was filled!

Now the possibilities are endless…red velvet cake with cake batter ice cream or cheesecake flavored ice cream. Chocolate cake with coffee ice cream, white cake with strawberry ice cream, heck even chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream, this can be made so many different ways it’s just up to your creativity. Test subject Steve said “not bad” test subject Emily enjoyed it, along with test subjects: mom, dad, and Peter. So if you have enjoyed this please email me, comment, pin it, tweet it, or like it on facebook. Share me with your friends please! I promise they won’t be disappointed! I am making a facebook page so I hope you all like it! Here is the link: Like me on facebook!
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