Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to make a whole meal, cooking with the Trinity

This week I decided to teach you how to make a whole meal, that way you can learn time management and cooking at the same time, as well as, meal planning. Okay so first you pick your meal. I made dinner for my friends from high school, we called ourselves the trinity then and have stayed very close, well Derek, and we had dinner at his house he does not cook so Sara and I decided to make dinner. Ours was pork chops, mashed potatoes, croissants, salad, asparagus, homemade croutons, and chocolate chip cookies for desert. Okay so this is the thing when you are making an actual meal you need to think about what take the longest to cook in your meal and the least amount of time. Another thing you need to consider is how many pans you need, for example I was cooking croutons, asparagus, mashed potatoes, and pork chops on the stove. I can make the croutons first and then make the asparagus in the pan I used. This means less to clean later.  Okay so first thing let’s figure out what you want to have for dinner. Let’s just say you’re going to make this. Here is what you will need:

Pork chops – 1 per person at least, feel free to change this to chicken or beef
Asparagus – or another veggie
Butter or margarine
Bread – if you want
Gravy – for the potatoes!
Seasonings for the meat
Salad dressing

So now let’s start with potatoes. They take the longest to cook, so bring a large pot to a boil, add some salt to the water and while that is boiling rinse your potatoes, well actually clean them REALLY well. If you are using red potatoes like we did they do not have to be peeled.  So cut the potatoes into fourths if they are small or in small two inch cubes so that they cook faster and let them boil away in the pot while you heat up the other two skillets. Season your meat and let it sit while you do everything else. While the potatoes are cooking we are going to make the croutons, they need to cook and then cool so that is why they are next. The best thing to make croutons out of is stale bread, and I don’t mean like loaf bread, I mean like that “artisan” bread at the grocery store, go to their discounted section and pick a loaf, cheaper and tastier than the pre-made ones. Okay so to make croutons place some butter or margarine in a pan over medium low heat and add some garlic to it as well as any other seasonings you want in it. While that is going on cut some bread into small cubes and once the butter is melted and ready to go add the bread to the pan and toast it. Cook this until it is all way browned and crunchy on the outside, when they are finished cooking place them into a bowl and put aside for later. While that is cooking preheat your other skillet and place your seasoned meat in it and cook your meat until it is thoroughly cooked or if it is a steak cooked to your doneness. Now my skillet is too small to make all of them in one pan at one time. So when I have something cooked and finished I put it on my platter, which ironically is my favorite serving platter ever, and cover it with tin foil. While I was cooking pork I cooked it until right before it was done because I knew the tin foil would trap in heat and allow it to “cook up” as they call it. So now at this point your croutons should be finished cooking. So melt some more butter or add olive oil to the skillet and place your veggies in it. When making asparagus as I have discussed before when making asparagus you just bend until it snaps, see photos below, when the pan is ready add your veggies and a lid and cook until ready. Season as desired.  By this point the potatoes should be fully cooked, drain them, then put them back into the pot you cooked them in, and then add butter, milk, salt, pepper, and anything else you want.  Mash with a potato masher or mix with a mixer. Then place it in a serving bowl and get your salad out of the fridge and put that in a serving bowl too. Now if you want to make your own salad feel free but I just grabbed a premixed ready to eat ones. So now set your table and place everything out, serve what you want, but right before you go to eat pre-heat your oven and start your cookies on their baking process so that they will be finished and cooled by the time you are ready to eat. I hope this was easy so that you learned how to make a whole meal in a great timely manner. The trinity my friends that I was cooking with were very helpful….well Sara was Derek just kept on eating everything! Email me ideas, pin my blog, or like me on Facebook! We sat down, watched a good movie and had a great time with some good friends. I suggest you do it too.

food and the platter my old roommate made me I love it

Derek is so helpful eating and watching

Sara prepping the asparagus


Our supervisor

she's inspecting my shoes

Thanks guys, way to eat.

Finished croutons

You guys are making dinner still I am hungry

Trying food again

Warmed the rolls up

Still watching us


I am watching you!!!!!!!!!!!

Entertainment for the evening

Finished dinner

All of us ready to eat

Sara did the dishes! 

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