Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to make rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes. There I said it. I love them, and they are easy to make, yes I said it. Easy! They are tasty too, weird looking but tasty nonetheless. I made them recently. With Malia and Elijah as helpers. We used five colors of cake and used yellow icing to make the rainbow complete. All of the recipes have been used on my blog before. Seriously it is super easy. I made them when my grandfather was so sick, it was a hope for healing even if it did not help, and there are just some things that are just inevitable, sadly. Anyway, it has been a rough week for me; loosing my voice slowly and gaining it back even slower. I was sick all last week, hence no blog, I have not actually cooked anything in a while, cheers for old photos and how to ideas. Even though I have been ill I’ve been meaning to write. There may not be too many photos soon, as I do not want to pay for photo storage since I am cheap, plus it’s not like this blog makes money, it’s just for myself, and a couple of those who happen to read…are you? I would love a nice note on here, or a text…heck even tell me on facebook. So moving along. This is how we do it:
1 white cake box mix or your favorite white cake recipe
food coloring of your choice – I used pink, purple, blue, green, and orange. Yes I used pink not red, I have food coloring paste, that is why my hue’s are so pretty.
Favorite frosting, homemade or canned I don’t care, I wont tell – also color this some other color other than the cake, I did yellow
Now you could do all the colors of the rainbow, but I am lazy and felt five colors would be plenty. So this is what I did, place equal amounts of cake batter in some ziplock bags. I am just going to assume you did five it’ll make it easier. Yes I know I should not assume. Anyway, five ziplock bags get five different colors. One color in each bag, go ahead and add the color now, and squeeze until the color is thoroughly dispersed. Once that is done line cup cake pans with cupcake liners, then squeeze small amounts of one color into the bottom each of the cup cake liners. Continue until there is no batter left in the first bag. There should be just enough to do 24 cupcakes, repeat that step until all the cupcake holes are filled and there is no more batter, I did not measure mine accurately and it caused me to have some cupcakes with four colors instead of five. Not that anyone really noticed. From here bake as according to instructions on the back of your box, or on the recipe for cupcakes, remove from oven, cool, frost, and decorate! Elijah and Malia made some pretty cupcakes, even Peter ate some, surprise I know! Are you all reading this? Please let me know, I need a reason to keep writing…I’ve ran out of fuel, I have more ideas, ton’s more, just no drive to continue if I don’t hear something…anything!  

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