Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to make glitter ballet flats

This week I have made glitter flats.  I have wanted a pair of glitter FLATS not heels, since I was about 8.  However, when I was 8 I was wearing a size 8 in woman’s and guess what, flats did not come glittered like every other girl my age. My feet since that age have grown to a size 12, in men’s tennis shoes but a 13 in women’s dress shoes.  If you can explain that one, I am all ears, but since I cannot I shall continue the story. So I have seen (ahh one of the few times seen is proper) a bunch of pins on pintrest about glitter. I like most women still love glitter; I mean it’s sparkly. I love glitter okay, if it was up to me everything I owned would be glittered to the nines, but I have opted for not so much glitter in my life one because since I have things like large feet you would think I bought the shores at the place where drag queens buy their shoes, upon a further note I do ask drag queens where they locate their shoes, but most of them wear twelve’s so alas I am screwed and on my own.
So I have a pair of black ballet flats that I have been wearing since last year almost everyday. I love them. Like they are comfortable and perfect.  They are molded to my feet and they are amazing. I found them online, they were 40 bucks, which if your feet are my size that’s cheap. Hey you try buying CUTE shoes for under twenty in a store when your feet are my size! Go ahead I’ll wait. Oh you found what payless, guess what, their thirteen’s don’t fit and even if the few that do fit I can not find in a store.  So I purchase shoes online, which too is not fun.  I do typically shop and locate them for cheap but I digress.  Saturday was my birthday I was excited my husband had something planned! It was Thursday night I was leaving work and I tripped on my way out the door, I know me trip NEVER! Anyway when I got home I inspected my favorite shoes to learn that I had ripped part of the leather in the front. I was not happy. I did not want to purchase new black flats! They’re expensive. But herein lies the good news. I had Mod Podge. If you don’t know what it is it’s apparently a crafters lover. Or something like that. Anyway I had purchased mod podge and glitter to make my other pair of flats I don’t like into glitter flats. The others fit they are just not very pretty, that’s all.  So now I realize I’ll have to do it to my favorite pair. So I locate the glitter I bought, I had purchased black fine glitter. Like I mean it’s like sand fine not big chunks of glitter, just sand like. Well I covered my flats with three layers of the glitter crap letting it dry in between each coat this only took a few minutes (because my glitter was sand like) then I looked at them, they are kind of lame, I mean they are glitter flats but I want GLITTER! Oh well I decide.  I wear them to work, since I did not put the clear coat finisher on they glue started to come up a bit, so I picked at it…yes I know bad! But I could no help it. Guess what! My glitter began to come off.

So I head home call my friend Brittany and go hey I need to head to Wal-Mart, will you join me? She does. While at Wal-Mart I locate new glitter, well I was thinking silver but Brittany made me buy opalescent. When I got home I sat down with the bronze glitter I had bought the other day and the opalescent glitter and mix it with mod podge. You want more glitter than podge. Not going to lie. I mixed mine in a plastic cup and still had too much. So this is how to make the better version of glitter flats.
Things you will need:
Glitter! Lot’s!
Mod podge or you can make your own but you can google that
Pair of flats
Foam brush
So here is what I did, peeled off all of the other lame glitter, mixed the mod podge and glitter added my first coat.  It was thick and took about a half hour to dry, so in the mean time I watched something fun on my computer!

It's okay Honey, I'll give you cake....
Then I added my next coat and started a new movie

Once I got about 30 minutes or so into my movie it was time for another coat. I added my next coat placed my shoes in front of a fan and let them “dry” overnight. Meaning I finished my movie and fell asleep cause I’m lazy.

The next morning I awoke a year older and with pretty glitter flats that I had waited 16 years for.  Oh then my husband took me to a surprise dinner with a crap ton of my friends, all of which knew and didn’t say a word. They are good at keeping things from me. So glitter flats. Easy and time consuming just because they need to dry. But simple nonetheless, thanks Pintrest for another great idea. Oh now for the best part it didn’t look like a two year old did it! Like me, pin me, email me! Also here are some photos of how they turned out, I seem to have misplaced the others.

Drying after second coat


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to make a headboard

This weekend with the help of my lovely husband and test subject Sara I made a headboard. Now I did not use the power tools.  Which were totally optional. We went to Lowes and purchased some particleboard that was 3/4 of an inch thick and it was 8 foot long. Now I did not need it that long. Nor did I need the width it came in. I wanted it 64 in long by 30 in wide. So if you do not have power tools or a handy husband or test subject the store will cut it for you. I also did not want to attach my headboard to the wall. So I opted for adding legs to it. Let me tell you what you will need to make this headboard:

Particleboard or plywood (however long and tall you want it, measure your bed)
1 2x4 for the legs
Nail gun, or hammer and nails
Staple gun
Paint (optional)
Fabric – I needed 6.5 feet but I accidently bought 6.5 yards, I’ll explain that in a minute, you need enough to stretch across your board and wrap at least 4 inches around the back, also make sure it is wide enough to fit all the way around the sides with space.
Bating or one of those eggshell comfortable things you put on mattresses to make them soft.

So here is how this went down. We drove to the fabric store and I let peter choose the fabric he wanted the headboard to be, nice of me huh. Then I mixed up feet and yards and bought 6.5 yards.  How could you do that you ask, simple, I am dyslexic, yeah that’s another reason why I love English, it makes me challenge myself. So with the fabric even buying that much I only spent 23 bucks on fabric, I caught it on sale! See you can buy any fabric you want as long as it is long and wide enough for what you are making, mine ended up being cotton, which was on sale this week (heck yes) now you can purposely buy upholstery fabric but I am cheap and was not spending 26 bucks a yard!  We then drove to Lowes to purchase wood and test subject Sara needed paint and wood so I borrowed just some of her pain. We purchased the large piece of particleboard and one two by four and some paintbrushes all for 26 bucks. Now the soft thingy for the bed I already had and needed to get rid of it. So if you are keeping track I’ve only spent 49 buck, yes I did round up by the way.
 So we went to my father in laws home and peter cut the wood and decided the using the power nail gun and power staple gun would be easier to do than the manual ones. And I was fretting, how would I attach these legs? Peter had a plan. So he tells me let’s attach the foam next, the foam was hard to attach, it did not just stay with the staples, no, it did not like that. So fine, we used five million staples and it stayed. Here came his idea.
 Let’s attach the legs next, every blog I had read on making this said to cover then attach legs, but my husband said no this would be better. So he placed the legs on the back of the board and nail gunned through the front so that the point of the nail would stick out the back of the board, here I am thinking what a terrible idea, but alas it is not. Here is why.  If he had done it the other way the nail head would have hit through the front of the board, and since this seemed the most logical way to attach the legs I was not going to argue. So fine but then here came my next worry I don’t want the tips of the nail messing up the wall! No problem, he sanded them down, no he did not really sand it, but I have no clue what that thing he used is called so I’ll say sand.

At this point I told him I wanted to paint the legs, I thought he was going to die he bought pretty wood he informed me, I don’t like the look of pine, so unless it’s cherry we’re painting it! So we painted the legs, let it dry and then came the fun part, attach the fabric! It was at this point I realized I had bought way WAY too much fabric.  So we doubled it, cut off the excess and pulled out the staple gun I held the fabric and Peter stapled one side.  We then flipped the headboard over and made the fabric taught and stared to staple the rest down. I was worried about getting the fabric around the legs but Peter folded it over so that it made “hospital corners” so that it would be flat on the front.  Now it was finished but I made him drill holes in the leg so that I can run a large bolt through the frame and attach the headboard. I did buy plain old blue fabric; it is what Peter wanted (I wanted the silver one but no!).  However, this works out just fine. Our sheets are tans and blues and our lovely bedspread we have is blue, and I love it.  Yes we are blue people, did you not see my bridesmaids dresses, BLUE. It’s my favorite color and if it’s blue Peter allows for more girly items, so yay for blue!
So other than time this was an easy task. Now for the best part, I can recover this anytime I want! Of course this time I will only buy 6.5 feet!  I hope this was helpful! Questions? Email me, like me, pin me! You can always get a hold of me on facebook for help.  Tune in next week when I breathe new life into my flats with glitter!

It smoothed out 

Forgive my unmade bed, I will locate a new photo soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to make BBQ Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I just realized it is Thursday and I have forgotten to upload a new blog.  But I have been busy, we just bought a new bed, yay, and I need a headboard for it. So I have decided I will make one, I have been planning it all week so next week watch out for that blog. For this week however I have made a new pizza.  You know how much I love pizza well this time I have made a BBQ buffalo pizza. Yes that’s right both. I love BBQ and buffalo mixed together, true story. So here is how we will roll this (ha get it roll, you roll out dough, I’ll pause for laughter, jerks.)
This is what you will need:
Hot sauce or buffalo sauce
BBQ sauce
Pizza crust

So I bought pizza crust for this one, I know you’re surprised… me too. I bought Pillsbury thin crust it was amazing. From there I had already made chicken so I chopped it up tossed it in BBQ sauce and then I made my own buffalo sauce which was just 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup of hot sauce then some garlic powder. First I will say I sautéed my onions, I let them cook for like an hour they ended up being caramelized and amazing, this step is optional but it was tasty dang it! So I unrolled my crust and put it on a pan. I then grabbed some hot sauce and spread it on the crust, and then I added a small amount of BBQ sauce on the crust too. After that I added my onions and chicken to the top of the pizza and topped it with some mozzarella cheese and dusted the cheese with oregano and garlic powder. Then I baked it at 425 for 30 minutes. Perfecto! Test subject Steve loved it as did Peter, finally if it was up to me I would have put bleu cheese on it but I know not everyone likes bleu cheese. Like me, pin me, email me!

 I have more photos somewhere...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to make Homemade Vanilla Extract

This week is how to make homemade vanilla. I had a gift card from when I got married and I had a couple of bucks left on it, could not really buy much for 8 bucks or so, but I could buy four vanilla beans (they were half off, AWESOME!), and I did want to make homemade vanilla so I figured why not!
What you will need:
Vanilla beans – 2 for every cup of vodka or other mild alcohol
Vodka – or another mild alcohol
Okay so this is simple and no I did not use the expensive vodka, why well I read like 16 recipes and they were all like oh just dilute your mixture when done, or on the other hand I could purchase the 3 dollar bottle of vodka and it’s already diluted. Plus I am just baking with it. Jeez. So here we go.  Find a jar with an air tight lid and clean it and dry it really well.  Locate some vanilla beans and vodka.  Split the vanilla beans in half, length ways, and the add them to the empty jar, pour about one cup of vodka over top and let it sit for about two months or so in a cabinet all by itself (he likes being alone).  Once done use it! If you are using it in baking you don’t really have to strain but for icing you should. The longer it sits the darker it gets. Hope you enjoy it! Pin me, like me, email me!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to make Oreo Layered Pudding

I know I am late this week with posting, but hey I’ve been busy. So sue me! Well you know what you mean. So this past weekend was a scorcher. My family had a rough weekend; we spread my Grandfathers ashes so it was a little rough.  On the bright side my grandmother seems to be doing well.  So this weekend I decided to make something easy that would be cold and did not require use of the oven. I made Oreo pudding layer dessert. Okay it needs a better name…Oreo amazingness? Pudding d’Oreo? Pudding ala Oreo? Pudding Layers? Pudding l’Oreo? Okay so apparently Oreo Pudding layered Desert will just have to work, I called it tasty, and so did test subject Peter, which about gave me a heart attack, I’ll explain that one later.

Okay here is what you will need
2 boxes of instant milk chocolate pudding
2 boxes of instant white chocolate pudding (or vanilla if you want to ruin this)
Whole Milk (8 cups I think, yes you can use two percent)
One package of Oreo’s
One package of cool whip (Peter hates cool whip, yet he liked this…odd…)

Okay easy part. Mix puddings (with the milk keep the actual pudding separate from each other, jeez) then place each one in a container and refrigerate for 5 minutes, now of course you could make homemade pudding but again I’m avoiding heat and want something easy.  Now while it’s setting up grab some Oreo cookies, Peter bought double stuffed so it’s whatever you desire, and crush! We used about 20 – 25 Oreo’s. Now your pudding should be ready.  Acquire a 13 x 9 inch pan and put your white chocolate pudding on the bottom.  Now add a thin layer of cool whip, now sprinkle all of your Oreo crumbs on top.  Another thin layer of cool whip, then the chocolate pudding, and the last of the cool whip on top, Voila!! Perfect yummy dish, you can serve it now or cover and refrigerate and enjoy it later. Check that out, no heat, just cool yummy tasty…stuff. Okay it needs a good name still! I am working on it!! Like me, pin me, or email me! Have a great week.