Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to make glitter ballet flats

This week I have made glitter flats.  I have wanted a pair of glitter FLATS not heels, since I was about 8.  However, when I was 8 I was wearing a size 8 in woman’s and guess what, flats did not come glittered like every other girl my age. My feet since that age have grown to a size 12, in men’s tennis shoes but a 13 in women’s dress shoes.  If you can explain that one, I am all ears, but since I cannot I shall continue the story. So I have seen (ahh one of the few times seen is proper) a bunch of pins on pintrest about glitter. I like most women still love glitter; I mean it’s sparkly. I love glitter okay, if it was up to me everything I owned would be glittered to the nines, but I have opted for not so much glitter in my life one because since I have things like large feet you would think I bought the shores at the place where drag queens buy their shoes, upon a further note I do ask drag queens where they locate their shoes, but most of them wear twelve’s so alas I am screwed and on my own.
So I have a pair of black ballet flats that I have been wearing since last year almost everyday. I love them. Like they are comfortable and perfect.  They are molded to my feet and they are amazing. I found them online, they were 40 bucks, which if your feet are my size that’s cheap. Hey you try buying CUTE shoes for under twenty in a store when your feet are my size! Go ahead I’ll wait. Oh you found what payless, guess what, their thirteen’s don’t fit and even if the few that do fit I can not find in a store.  So I purchase shoes online, which too is not fun.  I do typically shop and locate them for cheap but I digress.  Saturday was my birthday I was excited my husband had something planned! It was Thursday night I was leaving work and I tripped on my way out the door, I know me trip NEVER! Anyway when I got home I inspected my favorite shoes to learn that I had ripped part of the leather in the front. I was not happy. I did not want to purchase new black flats! They’re expensive. But herein lies the good news. I had Mod Podge. If you don’t know what it is it’s apparently a crafters lover. Or something like that. Anyway I had purchased mod podge and glitter to make my other pair of flats I don’t like into glitter flats. The others fit they are just not very pretty, that’s all.  So now I realize I’ll have to do it to my favorite pair. So I locate the glitter I bought, I had purchased black fine glitter. Like I mean it’s like sand fine not big chunks of glitter, just sand like. Well I covered my flats with three layers of the glitter crap letting it dry in between each coat this only took a few minutes (because my glitter was sand like) then I looked at them, they are kind of lame, I mean they are glitter flats but I want GLITTER! Oh well I decide.  I wear them to work, since I did not put the clear coat finisher on they glue started to come up a bit, so I picked at it…yes I know bad! But I could no help it. Guess what! My glitter began to come off.

So I head home call my friend Brittany and go hey I need to head to Wal-Mart, will you join me? She does. While at Wal-Mart I locate new glitter, well I was thinking silver but Brittany made me buy opalescent. When I got home I sat down with the bronze glitter I had bought the other day and the opalescent glitter and mix it with mod podge. You want more glitter than podge. Not going to lie. I mixed mine in a plastic cup and still had too much. So this is how to make the better version of glitter flats.
Things you will need:
Glitter! Lot’s!
Mod podge or you can make your own but you can google that
Pair of flats
Foam brush
So here is what I did, peeled off all of the other lame glitter, mixed the mod podge and glitter added my first coat.  It was thick and took about a half hour to dry, so in the mean time I watched something fun on my computer!

It's okay Honey, I'll give you cake....
Then I added my next coat and started a new movie

Once I got about 30 minutes or so into my movie it was time for another coat. I added my next coat placed my shoes in front of a fan and let them “dry” overnight. Meaning I finished my movie and fell asleep cause I’m lazy.

The next morning I awoke a year older and with pretty glitter flats that I had waited 16 years for.  Oh then my husband took me to a surprise dinner with a crap ton of my friends, all of which knew and didn’t say a word. They are good at keeping things from me. So glitter flats. Easy and time consuming just because they need to dry. But simple nonetheless, thanks Pintrest for another great idea. Oh now for the best part it didn’t look like a two year old did it! Like me, pin me, email me! Also here are some photos of how they turned out, I seem to have misplaced the others.

Drying after second coat


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