Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to make a headboard

This weekend with the help of my lovely husband and test subject Sara I made a headboard. Now I did not use the power tools.  Which were totally optional. We went to Lowes and purchased some particleboard that was 3/4 of an inch thick and it was 8 foot long. Now I did not need it that long. Nor did I need the width it came in. I wanted it 64 in long by 30 in wide. So if you do not have power tools or a handy husband or test subject the store will cut it for you. I also did not want to attach my headboard to the wall. So I opted for adding legs to it. Let me tell you what you will need to make this headboard:

Particleboard or plywood (however long and tall you want it, measure your bed)
1 2x4 for the legs
Nail gun, or hammer and nails
Staple gun
Paint (optional)
Fabric – I needed 6.5 feet but I accidently bought 6.5 yards, I’ll explain that in a minute, you need enough to stretch across your board and wrap at least 4 inches around the back, also make sure it is wide enough to fit all the way around the sides with space.
Bating or one of those eggshell comfortable things you put on mattresses to make them soft.

So here is how this went down. We drove to the fabric store and I let peter choose the fabric he wanted the headboard to be, nice of me huh. Then I mixed up feet and yards and bought 6.5 yards.  How could you do that you ask, simple, I am dyslexic, yeah that’s another reason why I love English, it makes me challenge myself. So with the fabric even buying that much I only spent 23 bucks on fabric, I caught it on sale! See you can buy any fabric you want as long as it is long and wide enough for what you are making, mine ended up being cotton, which was on sale this week (heck yes) now you can purposely buy upholstery fabric but I am cheap and was not spending 26 bucks a yard!  We then drove to Lowes to purchase wood and test subject Sara needed paint and wood so I borrowed just some of her pain. We purchased the large piece of particleboard and one two by four and some paintbrushes all for 26 bucks. Now the soft thingy for the bed I already had and needed to get rid of it. So if you are keeping track I’ve only spent 49 buck, yes I did round up by the way.
 So we went to my father in laws home and peter cut the wood and decided the using the power nail gun and power staple gun would be easier to do than the manual ones. And I was fretting, how would I attach these legs? Peter had a plan. So he tells me let’s attach the foam next, the foam was hard to attach, it did not just stay with the staples, no, it did not like that. So fine, we used five million staples and it stayed. Here came his idea.
 Let’s attach the legs next, every blog I had read on making this said to cover then attach legs, but my husband said no this would be better. So he placed the legs on the back of the board and nail gunned through the front so that the point of the nail would stick out the back of the board, here I am thinking what a terrible idea, but alas it is not. Here is why.  If he had done it the other way the nail head would have hit through the front of the board, and since this seemed the most logical way to attach the legs I was not going to argue. So fine but then here came my next worry I don’t want the tips of the nail messing up the wall! No problem, he sanded them down, no he did not really sand it, but I have no clue what that thing he used is called so I’ll say sand.

At this point I told him I wanted to paint the legs, I thought he was going to die he bought pretty wood he informed me, I don’t like the look of pine, so unless it’s cherry we’re painting it! So we painted the legs, let it dry and then came the fun part, attach the fabric! It was at this point I realized I had bought way WAY too much fabric.  So we doubled it, cut off the excess and pulled out the staple gun I held the fabric and Peter stapled one side.  We then flipped the headboard over and made the fabric taught and stared to staple the rest down. I was worried about getting the fabric around the legs but Peter folded it over so that it made “hospital corners” so that it would be flat on the front.  Now it was finished but I made him drill holes in the leg so that I can run a large bolt through the frame and attach the headboard. I did buy plain old blue fabric; it is what Peter wanted (I wanted the silver one but no!).  However, this works out just fine. Our sheets are tans and blues and our lovely bedspread we have is blue, and I love it.  Yes we are blue people, did you not see my bridesmaids dresses, BLUE. It’s my favorite color and if it’s blue Peter allows for more girly items, so yay for blue!
So other than time this was an easy task. Now for the best part, I can recover this anytime I want! Of course this time I will only buy 6.5 feet!  I hope this was helpful! Questions? Email me, like me, pin me! You can always get a hold of me on facebook for help.  Tune in next week when I breathe new life into my flats with glitter!

It smoothed out 

Forgive my unmade bed, I will locate a new photo soon!

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