Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to make Homemade Vanilla Extract

This week is how to make homemade vanilla. I had a gift card from when I got married and I had a couple of bucks left on it, could not really buy much for 8 bucks or so, but I could buy four vanilla beans (they were half off, AWESOME!), and I did want to make homemade vanilla so I figured why not!
What you will need:
Vanilla beans – 2 for every cup of vodka or other mild alcohol
Vodka – or another mild alcohol
Okay so this is simple and no I did not use the expensive vodka, why well I read like 16 recipes and they were all like oh just dilute your mixture when done, or on the other hand I could purchase the 3 dollar bottle of vodka and it’s already diluted. Plus I am just baking with it. Jeez. So here we go.  Find a jar with an air tight lid and clean it and dry it really well.  Locate some vanilla beans and vodka.  Split the vanilla beans in half, length ways, and the add them to the empty jar, pour about one cup of vodka over top and let it sit for about two months or so in a cabinet all by itself (he likes being alone).  Once done use it! If you are using it in baking you don’t really have to strain but for icing you should. The longer it sits the darker it gets. Hope you enjoy it! Pin me, like me, email me!!

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