Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to make Oreo Layered Pudding

I know I am late this week with posting, but hey I’ve been busy. So sue me! Well you know what you mean. So this past weekend was a scorcher. My family had a rough weekend; we spread my Grandfathers ashes so it was a little rough.  On the bright side my grandmother seems to be doing well.  So this weekend I decided to make something easy that would be cold and did not require use of the oven. I made Oreo pudding layer dessert. Okay it needs a better name…Oreo amazingness? Pudding d’Oreo? Pudding ala Oreo? Pudding Layers? Pudding l’Oreo? Okay so apparently Oreo Pudding layered Desert will just have to work, I called it tasty, and so did test subject Peter, which about gave me a heart attack, I’ll explain that one later.

Okay here is what you will need
2 boxes of instant milk chocolate pudding
2 boxes of instant white chocolate pudding (or vanilla if you want to ruin this)
Whole Milk (8 cups I think, yes you can use two percent)
One package of Oreo’s
One package of cool whip (Peter hates cool whip, yet he liked this…odd…)

Okay easy part. Mix puddings (with the milk keep the actual pudding separate from each other, jeez) then place each one in a container and refrigerate for 5 minutes, now of course you could make homemade pudding but again I’m avoiding heat and want something easy.  Now while it’s setting up grab some Oreo cookies, Peter bought double stuffed so it’s whatever you desire, and crush! We used about 20 – 25 Oreo’s. Now your pudding should be ready.  Acquire a 13 x 9 inch pan and put your white chocolate pudding on the bottom.  Now add a thin layer of cool whip, now sprinkle all of your Oreo crumbs on top.  Another thin layer of cool whip, then the chocolate pudding, and the last of the cool whip on top, Voila!! Perfect yummy dish, you can serve it now or cover and refrigerate and enjoy it later. Check that out, no heat, just cool yummy tasty…stuff. Okay it needs a good name still! I am working on it!! Like me, pin me, or email me! Have a great week.

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