Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to make trail mix

I like trail mix. I really do. But I don’t like raisins. It’s true, I like them in raisin bran but that is it. Now Peter loves trail mix. So sometime in June I was hanging out with my other family, the Doud’s, and we went to the grocery store together, so while we were there they had a huge sale on nuts. So I decided I was going to make Peter some trail mix for work and to snack on. Let me tell you trail mix is super simple. So here is what I did:

1 bag of each of the following:
Pistachios, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, peanuts – small pack, 2 bags of m and m’s, freeze dried mango slices, and banana chips.

Then after acquiring all of those items I mixed them in a 2 gallon, yes 2, ziplock bag. They are new I guess. So I tossed these items together and then fed some to the Doud’s and Peter. They liked it. So that being said when I got home I mixed in dried cranberries and dried blueberries so that it stretched a little further and Peter could get his stupid raisin like things. Okay so dried cranberries I like but just not dried grapes. So sue me! Now you can mix anything you want to make your trail mix this is just what I did. Basically this is a template.
I have no photos, apparently I deleted them, and well I am lame what can I say, but please check out the photos and try to figure out what I am making this week! Hint, it does involve sewing. The fabric color is yellow, grey, and black. Good luck guessing! 

Lots of black

Lots of grey

Little bit of yellow...

Last hint....
A quote: Using feminine wiles to get what you want? Trading on your looks? Read a book, sister. That passive-aggressive number went out years ago.

or two
?????: We'll have to do this upside-down. 
??????: Men, always doing things the hard way. 

Comment your answers, facebook them, or text them to me!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to make t-shirt bag

I promise I have not forgotten about you! Okay maybe I did a little bit… shush it I’ve been busy doing stuff… okay not really but summer is always busy. So this past week I okay I’ll be honest I made this like three or four weeks ago and I am just now getting to it. So sue me! So here is how this will work. You have some t-shirts you are not using any more? You do well that’s fantastic I do too, and I’ve been addicted to pintrest, as you know so I saw the little handbags or t-shirt bags. Since I am not a small my t-shirts do not make good purses they are too long and weird shaped but I can tell you what they make that is amazing, it’s grocery bags. Yeah that’s right, grocery, laundry, over night, and pool bags too.   So this is what you will need:
Or a sewing machine
Plate – paper is cool
Chalk – or other marking instrument

Okay so grab your t-shirt flip it inside out so the tag is on the outside. Align the hem on the bottom.  Sew about 1 – 2 inches above the bottom hem  - sew sew sew. If you have a sewing machine this would be much easier…just saying. Then once that is done cut about 1/2 an inch below where you just sewed cutting off the hem. Done? Great. Now cut off the sleeves. You’ll want that hem off too so hem and all with the sleeves; this is will be your handles. Now flip it right side out. And take a plate place it where your head normally would go and mark down however far you want to go – I like to keep mine a little shorter so you can see my t-shirt design. So mark with the chalk how deep you’ll want to go, just outline the plate – see you thought I was nuts – what does she need a plate for – ha! Fools! Now that you have marked cut along the line – cutting both the front and back at the same time and voila! A bag for whatever you could ever want! I am using mine this weekend when I go camping, I fit both peter’s and mine clothing into two of them and one back pack – see now they can get filthy and I can just wash them – unlike luggage oh and the best part when we go to the beach where we will be camping I’ll have really cool OSU bag – be jealous of my bag. So I had also tried another way to sew these bags but it did not turn out nearly as cool and I hated it, sadly I ruined a really cool shirt, so if you’ve got some old t-shirts send them my way I’ll make you some – kind of sad though I’ve donated so many old t-shirts, wish I had known about this first. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to make "fire starters"

Once again the pintrest bug has struck. Yes it is evil isn’t it? This time I decided oh I am going to make my own cardboard boxes from regular boxes. This lady had some cute crafting boxes that she took cardboard and cut out certain sizes and hot glue gunned them together then mod podged the front and added fabric. I decided this sounded genius, custom boxes! Well it was dumb. Instead of taking apart a regular box and make one in a certain size I’m just sticking to regular boxes. I mean this seemed so cute but was an utter waste of my time. So now what? Well a couple of weeks ago I saw these other things on pintrest, imagine that, that are flat cotton balls, so cotton ball pads, and candle wax. You melt a candle and dip the pad in the wax then let it dry…no harden, and then catch on fire. Okay more on that in a minute.
What to do
Locate some candles. I bought one in a glass jar so I could melt the wax in boiling water without messing up a pan.
Buy cotton ball pads
You’ll need tweezers
So this is all you do, get a little saucepan, bring water to a low boil, add your glass jar candle, and wait for wax to melt. Take your cotton ball (once wax is melted) and grab it on the edge with your tweezers and dip it, well fully submerge it in the molten wax. It will soak up the wax quickly. So then place the wax pads on a piece of wax paper and let them harden. Run out of wax? Find some more candles that are not in jars and place them in the jar that’s still in the water and add more wax and wait again for it to melt. So once you have made enough you can stop.  Three tea candles made about 8 pads for me. Now these pad’s I am using when we go camping. They are for starting the fire. Instead of using gas, lighter fluid, or something else. These pads will burn for about 5 minutes a whole one will which is nice. Also I went to light one, took me about .2 seconds before the fire caught so they work just fine. So happy…fire starting? Oh and please be careful, we have not had much water so watch those flames people! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

How to makeover a dress into a shirt

This week after reading a blog called Refashionista, here is her website, I got some creative ideas from her. Yes I can sew, actually this whole idea started on pintrest, go figure. So first this was you know I have this t-shirt I am going to make into a bag, which did not end well, so then it turned into, I have this dress, actually two of them, that I got for 3 bucks, let’s make them over. So first let me say, not all pintrest ideas are good ones. The bag I made looked NOTING like the bag in the photo, so I will try a different style later. But since I have not had time to do that yet due to my husband’s grandfather having a stroke, we’ll check out what I’ve already made.  Before you ask he is doing well, he’s stable and will need some rehab but he’s a strong man, and my husband and his father are named after him so knowing how stubborn they are I know he’ll be okay. Prayers for strength would be appreciated, or thoughts, whatever you do, I don’t judge.
So I made the handbag and while making it I would like to tell you this other story. My mother has taught home economics, or family and consumer sciences if you are going to cry about how it’s not called that anymore. She taught me to sew. This being said she always tells us to be careful, teaches us safety things, like don’t run with scissors, don’t put pins in your mouth, keep your fingers away from the presser foot or you could sew through your finger.
Sure mom. Well she’s telling the truth.
I was attempting to use a presser foot that turns under the fabric so I don’t have to measure and pin it. Well since I am using this my fingers are pretty close to the presser foot, guess what got sucked under the needle. If you said the fabric, you would be correct, but so did my finger. My middle finger at that, the needle went through my fingernail and finger, just to the right of my bone in my middle finger (you know the important on for signaling to other drivers). I realized I had to pull out the needle, upon doing so I realized the whole needle was not out. I look at the bottom of my finger to see the tip of said needle slightly glimmering on the other side.
I call my husband, he has a computer part kit thingy, and it has tweezers in it. He does not answer. I do not own tweezers. How do you pluck your eyebrows?! I don’t I wax. So not panicking I locate my mothers. I then start to pull out the rest of the needle. Here’s what you probably don’t know about needles, the tip is smaller than the rest of the needle, so I had to pull out the bigger part through the bottom of my finger. So it missed the bone and it bled a little bit and I learned how to pierce my finger but I was okay. Oh and by the time Peter called me back, two hours later his first words “Where was your adult supervision” you see why I don’t use power tools.
 I know how to use a sewing machine and I hurt my finger, imagine me with power tools. You see the world in ruins? Exactly. So moving along, I ended up disliking my bag, but I love it because it’s Batman! So I may end up re-sewing it into something like a sleeve for my tablet, but I don’t know yet.
Okay so back to the point, here is how I made this shirt from a dress. I have two of these dresses and decided I did not want either to be a long sleeve dress, but I loved the cut so I decided I would love to have it as a shirt. So I found a seam ripper, removed the sleeves off of one and then placed the dress on. I grabbed a piece of chalk, just regular chalk. And marked where I wanted the shirt to hit me at. I made my shirt kind of long but hey I’m six foot tall, when have I ever owned a long shirt that was nice like the other girls do. Try never. So I pulled out the scissors and cut off about 8 inches. Then I walked over to the sewing machine. Used the turn under presser foot, which gave me about 1/4 inch seam allowance and sewed all the way around bottom done. Then I sewed my sleeves the same way since I had taken the other actual sleeves off. Then I placed the shirt on and fell in love. Yes immediately. The cut is my favorite. I wanted to buy a shirt like this but was lazy and had not done so yet.
 Now I just have to decide if I want to make the other dress into a long sleeve shirt or a sleeveless dress, guess I could make a skirt…now I know what your thinking, why don’t you make a skirt out of the bottom of the dress. Well the dress came to my knee, well two inches above it, so I had to cut off “most” of the bottom to make the shirt. Thus I only really had 8 inches to make a skirt out of. So 8 inches ish, seam allowance on each side of 1/4 of an inch, at least, so a 7 1/2 inch skirt, wait we forgot how will it stay up?! Elastic? Need one inch then for the elastic to fit in the skirt. Hmm, I’ll use it as scrap instead since that would not cover my butt to save my life. Have you seen my butt? No? It’s rather large. But hey, I like it. So after all that I have a shirt and I can’t seem to find my photos of making the shirt just the final shot of me wearing the shirt, which was hard for me to take on my own so forgive the “myspace” style of the shot, guess once you stab your finger you forget to take photos since you watch the presser foot closely. True story. Like me, pin me, email me, please leave me a comment, if I get the chance I’ll make the bags for next week. If not I have some other “recipes” to share with you all.

Yes i am wearing pants, and yes i am in the bathroom, it had the best lighting. My phone takes the worst pictures too...

That's kind of like the original, see how it's just kind of lame...