Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to make "fire starters"

Once again the pintrest bug has struck. Yes it is evil isn’t it? This time I decided oh I am going to make my own cardboard boxes from regular boxes. This lady had some cute crafting boxes that she took cardboard and cut out certain sizes and hot glue gunned them together then mod podged the front and added fabric. I decided this sounded genius, custom boxes! Well it was dumb. Instead of taking apart a regular box and make one in a certain size I’m just sticking to regular boxes. I mean this seemed so cute but was an utter waste of my time. So now what? Well a couple of weeks ago I saw these other things on pintrest, imagine that, that are flat cotton balls, so cotton ball pads, and candle wax. You melt a candle and dip the pad in the wax then let it dry…no harden, and then catch on fire. Okay more on that in a minute.
What to do
Locate some candles. I bought one in a glass jar so I could melt the wax in boiling water without messing up a pan.
Buy cotton ball pads
You’ll need tweezers
So this is all you do, get a little saucepan, bring water to a low boil, add your glass jar candle, and wait for wax to melt. Take your cotton ball (once wax is melted) and grab it on the edge with your tweezers and dip it, well fully submerge it in the molten wax. It will soak up the wax quickly. So then place the wax pads on a piece of wax paper and let them harden. Run out of wax? Find some more candles that are not in jars and place them in the jar that’s still in the water and add more wax and wait again for it to melt. So once you have made enough you can stop.  Three tea candles made about 8 pads for me. Now these pad’s I am using when we go camping. They are for starting the fire. Instead of using gas, lighter fluid, or something else. These pads will burn for about 5 minutes a whole one will which is nice. Also I went to light one, took me about .2 seconds before the fire caught so they work just fine. So happy…fire starting? Oh and please be careful, we have not had much water so watch those flames people! 

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