Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to make t-shirt bag

I promise I have not forgotten about you! Okay maybe I did a little bit… shush it I’ve been busy doing stuff… okay not really but summer is always busy. So this past week I okay I’ll be honest I made this like three or four weeks ago and I am just now getting to it. So sue me! So here is how this will work. You have some t-shirts you are not using any more? You do well that’s fantastic I do too, and I’ve been addicted to pintrest, as you know so I saw the little handbags or t-shirt bags. Since I am not a small my t-shirts do not make good purses they are too long and weird shaped but I can tell you what they make that is amazing, it’s grocery bags. Yeah that’s right, grocery, laundry, over night, and pool bags too.   So this is what you will need:
Or a sewing machine
Plate – paper is cool
Chalk – or other marking instrument

Okay so grab your t-shirt flip it inside out so the tag is on the outside. Align the hem on the bottom.  Sew about 1 – 2 inches above the bottom hem  - sew sew sew. If you have a sewing machine this would be much easier…just saying. Then once that is done cut about 1/2 an inch below where you just sewed cutting off the hem. Done? Great. Now cut off the sleeves. You’ll want that hem off too so hem and all with the sleeves; this is will be your handles. Now flip it right side out. And take a plate place it where your head normally would go and mark down however far you want to go – I like to keep mine a little shorter so you can see my t-shirt design. So mark with the chalk how deep you’ll want to go, just outline the plate – see you thought I was nuts – what does she need a plate for – ha! Fools! Now that you have marked cut along the line – cutting both the front and back at the same time and voila! A bag for whatever you could ever want! I am using mine this weekend when I go camping, I fit both peter’s and mine clothing into two of them and one back pack – see now they can get filthy and I can just wash them – unlike luggage oh and the best part when we go to the beach where we will be camping I’ll have really cool OSU bag – be jealous of my bag. So I had also tried another way to sew these bags but it did not turn out nearly as cool and I hated it, sadly I ruined a really cool shirt, so if you’ve got some old t-shirts send them my way I’ll make you some – kind of sad though I’ve donated so many old t-shirts, wish I had known about this first. 

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