Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to make Mountain Dew cupcakes

Is it just me or is pintrest killing you slowly? I have so much crap I see that I want to try out. I think I will go broke if I try to complete everything I have seen on that site. The other day I saw mountain dew cupcakes. I laughed at these and showed them to my husband. What a good sport he is on my crafting  - if I have not mentioned it yet I suck at crafts – and here I am thinking he’ll be like ew… those look gross. No not my husband. Mr. I really don’t like sweets and I married the sweets queen. He say’s this to me: “Oh my God! Those are awesome! Make me those! NOW!” of course I respond with. “I need the two main ingredients.” So he promptly drove me to the store. One he was “sick” I say “sick” because he had strep throat and while he felt fine he was not allowed to go to work. Why you ask? Because he was highly contagious…yet he wanted to drive me to the store. Hey someone had to get his meds and he gets whiney when he is home and not feeling well. Also considering the fact it was Thursday and I was going to be gone all weekend to Kentucky to go to baby shower for my lovely future god daughter Brianna, (test subject Tiffanie is like really fat with a kid right now! I’m like dude you’re like fat and she keeps on telling me, no Jess, I am pregnant, I just don’t believe her but man when her belly moves I guess she is telling the truth – just kidding Tiff LOVE YOU!) She’ll be awesome, true story, and to get a dress for Marissa’s wedding, note it is Marissa’s wedding not Marissa and Jon’s wedding, I like her more (okay maybe I am actually on Jon’s side as the best man…Wo Man but hey someone has to give him ton’s of crap) so therefore back to Peter I was going to be gone all weekend. Translation currently since he was ill I was leaving him forever! NOOOO! But hey he was going to be busy Saturday and Sunday! So he takes me to the store and we buy the four things I needed.

1 lemon
1 lime
1 box of lemon cake mix
1 bottle of Mountain dew – no clue why we bought this we had a 24 pack he informed me on the way home…so he drank it. Thank honey, thanks. Not diet!!!
Other things you will need
4 cups of powder sugar
1 cup of butter

Pre heat to 350 or whatever it says on your box
Okay so then here is all you have to do. Grab your cake mix. One can (12 oz) of mountain dew and mix them together…yeah…my oven was not even fully preheated by the time I got done filling and making this cake. I also added this random neon green food coloring to my mix to make it more dew colored but you don’t have to. Okay so then bake like it says on the back of the box. In the meantime lets make our frosting.

Butter beat it…then add your powdered sugar on a low speed let’s not make the kitchen white. Then while that is mixing add 2 tablespoons of mountain dew then give the rest to your sick husband who really REALLY wants that pop, and then add 2 tablespoons of lemon and limejuice. Now I would like to state mountain dew has some orange flavor to it so I feel like there should have been some OJ in it but Peter said it was just fine. If your frosting is too thin add more sugar however mine was really really thick so I added more lemon juice – hence my overly lemon taste I thought the frosting had. Once again you can add that weird green color to the frosting but you don’t have to. Wait for your cupcakes to cool and frost them. Now I am not going to lie. I did not have one nibble, bite, or taste of these cupcakes. I could not bring myself to try them. Peter, my brother, and father all tried them. I made like 30 – normally they only make 24 but I have an awesome cupcake pan that makes tall cute cupcakes. By the time I got home there were twelve left and Peter had a note on them “do not eat” he took them to work. They too liked them, but I am unsure if that is a compliment. I mean a bunch of truckers liked my caffeine-injected cupcakes. They’ll eat anything! Have you seen the men? Just kidding they are great guys! Any way hope you liked this blog – and thanks to pintrest my husband has a sweet he likes – meaning next all-nighter him and his gaming friends decide to pull I’ll have to make this in addition to the “cake is a lie” cake I’ll have to make…good thing I like to bake! Like me, pin me, tweet me, or email me, I’d love to hear from you. 

By the way I did finish my batgirl apron, it is awesome. 

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