Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to make Kettle Corn

We've moved - everything is in I have photo's on facebook and It was fun. Had my one year cake - thanks Stacy! Currently my favorite thing to eat is Kettle corn. People eat this all the time and pay way too much for it. It's not like kettle corn is hard to make. Go to a fair you'll get a small two quart bag for five bucks - I just filled two gallon bags for next to nothing. Actually let's do some sort of math. Un-popped pop corn kernels - 2 bucks, 1 bag of sugar, 1 dollar, oil 2 bucks. Okay there is your five bucks, now you can make kettle corn 500 times okay really no clue how to divide that out I could make kettle corn at least twenty times before I would have to buy more popcorn, but I really don't know the math breakdown. As test subject Joey say's I don't math. Not at all. Do you have a large pot? Yeah so do I. Okay do you have a lid? Great this is how we will roll.

What you will need:

Oil for popping

1/2 c of un-popped popcorn kernels
1/4 c sugar

Okay for every 1/2 c of popcorn you add 1/4 c of sugar.

Take some oil put it in you pan add the kernels and the sugar stir then add a lid turn on the stove and stay there. This will happen fast. Your oil will start to heat up and then bam out of nowhere those kernels will start popping. Here is my advice move your pot around on the burner the whole time it's hot. You should agitate the pan while the burner is on. You've made popcorn before I am sure so once you hear your kernels start to stop popping every two seconds turn off the stove move the popcorn off the burner - while still shaking that pan. You should have a large bowl waiting remove the lid - obviously stop shaking - and pour the popcorn into the bowl - now add salt if you must and Voila! Kettle corn - you're welcome! What's that you think it's amazing me too! No test subjects were hurt during the production - but their taste buds were beaten with great taste.

Ready to shake


Done! It's hot! 

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