Friday, September 28, 2012

How to make Potato Soup

This week we’re still on the saving money kick. So I am making potato soup. I love potato soup so yay! No I don’t put cheese in mine…I have a problem with a lot of dairy at the same time so I typically keep cheese out of my soups. Yes there is milk and butter in this. Okay maybe I just don’t like cheese that much. It’s true. Milk products make me ill; I have issues digesting the milk proteins. Therefore I limit myself each day since I can have so much. Well I don’t waste what little I can have on cheese! Anyway, moving along this is what you’ll need. Well approximately what you’ll need.

Potatoes – depending on size if medium to large it’s a safe bet to say at least one per person and then one for the pot every four potatoes…I don’t know where one for the pot comes from but it helps. (I am basing this off 10 potatoes)

Carrots – 3 –4 regular size carrots, or like 20 baby carrots peeled and chopped into bite size pieces

Celery – two stalks chopped fine – I don’t like to eat it so since it’s chopped up fine I’ll stomach it

1 medium to large onion – finely chopped

Butter or margarine – 2 – 4 tbsp

Milk – 1 c or 1 can of evaporated (NOT CONDENSED) milk

Chicken stock or vegetable stock – you’ll need enough to cover the potatoes.

Okay so this is how I do it. Melt the butter or whatever in a large pot, and sauté carrots, celery, and onion. Then this next part is VERY scientific measuring. Take potatoes, wash, peel, and dice them, well cube you know what size your going to want to eat. Then add those to the large pot you sautéed those veggies. Now here is the scientific and specific measurement. Cover with stock or water and add bouillon cubes. Jeeze I mean that’s rough right there. You just want enough liquid to cover the potatoes so they can boil. Okay finished there? Great – bring to a boil, lower heat; simmer until everything is fully cooked. It’s normally like 30 minutes or so…okay now finished? Great last ten minutes add milk or can of milk stir. Runny? Yeah I know here’s a secret – add mashed potato flakes OR take a potato masher or something else with a flat bottom and mash up some of the potatoes. Guess what that does…if you said make the soup thicker you’re correct and you win…nothing it’s not that kind of blog! Anyway now serve – now you could make this in the crock-pot and put it on low all day then just add milk the last thirty minutes. Easy enough right? I usually have a peanut butter sandwich or a ham sandwich with mine – make the soup go a long way. Plus potato soup is great heated up, yum. Also nice for when you don’t feel well at all.

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