Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to make your own Uncrustables

This week I bought my husband his favorite thing ever. Uncrustables. You know those things are expensive. I mean it’s like 3 bucks for a 4 pack when it’s on sale. That is crazy, yet they are supposedly the best. I like the honey ones but not the jelly ones. I am not a jelly in my peanut butter person. Never have been, now you can toast bread for me and put peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other but they must never touch! I have not clue why this is. I am what I am! I am sure you are thinking wow just a couple of posts ago she was complaining about not being taken seriously as an adult and now she's making these. Well guess what when you get a couple hours of sleep and pack your husband breakfast every morning and have to pack enough to last him a whole 14 hours you'd make these too - they are helpful since I mean other than me who really likes crusts. No one. At least that's what my mom always says so if she does not eat them and kids don't eat them and most people in my family don't I am sure you'll want to know how to make these. Plus I know some of you have kids who would love these and if you are worried about all that processed food which I could care less but you may worry you can use organic crap (I realize it's not "Crap" but hey I know some people that pay 4 bucks for a dozen eggs because they are free range eggs, that just means they were let outside for like 15 minutes so you wanna pay four bucks fine but I suggest if you're really worried about those poor chicken's then go find a farmer and buy eggs off him, I am sure there are tons that sell those nasty gross eggs - hey I am not an egg person don't act surprised). Anyway so as I was totally irritated with the overpriced sandwiches (which are apparently cheaper than normal) I decided to Google some ideas for making them myself. I know cool huh! Anyway, I learned the only thing I really needed was a sandwich sealer / crust cutter and I’d be fine. Also you can use a peanut butter top or a large glass in place of this but meh who cares I wanted this thing. Okay so I bought a sandwich cutter and sealer it was 2 bucks and I found it close to where the peanut butter was in the store. So here is what you will need:

Plastic bags


Bread – if you can find sandwich cut get it

The next items are all in whatever you want to put in them:


Peanut Butter (try flavored ones for a kick)



Okay so here is what I did. I found some bread placed it in a cutting board and on top of that I added a thin layer of peanut butter to both sides of the bread. Then I placed a SMALL amount of jelly in the center of the peanut butter. Just a little bit more than that and it wont seal right. Then I took my sandwich cutter and sealer and cut the crusts off – trust me when I say to do these two steps separately because my cutter and sealer can be used at the same time. Anyway cut off the crusts and save them in a large plastic bag then take the sealer part and press down to crimp the edges. Label another small bag write what flavor it is and seal it. If you don’t have one of the nifty sandwich things cut of the crusts with a knife and seal it with your peanut butter lid or a glass. Works just as well. Now the crusts place them in the freezer and use them to make breadcrumbs for later! Here are the flavors I did:

PB and Strawberry Preserves

PB and Nutella

Mighty maple PB and Strawberry Preserves

White Chocolate Wonderful (WCW) PB and Honey

WCW PB and Nutella

WCW PB all by itself

When I did the Nutella I did not place it in the middle I did one side PB one side Nutella.

The Honey, however, I did place in between the PB a small drizzle.

I made the ones I like on white bread and made the husband the ones he will like on wheat bread (also he will not eat his without jelly so I am guessing uoi can figure out what flavors he likes and what ones I like). We’ve tossed them in the freezer and still have some bread left – I got lazy figured 20 would be enough for now. Now I did not have to buy anything other than the sealer and the bread so for me 20 sandwiches cost 4 bucks. I would say I saved money what do you think? Also I like the way they taste. All though next time I am thinking of adding marshmallow fluff….mmmm it’s cool go ahead and drool!

All plated for my lunch

yummmmm PB and Nutella! 

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