Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to make Nutella Hot Cocoa

This week’s recipe is super easy and hit the spot. I was craving chocolate – big surprise right. However, even though I was craving chocolate I wanted something easy and quick. I found a recipe for Nutella Hot Cocoa. Yes. Nutella. You know how much I love Nutella! Okay so here is how you make it.

1 Cup of milk

2 tbsp of Nutella

Okay get a small saucepan add milk to it then add Nutella. Stir with whisk until dissolved and cook until hot – don’t boil it please. Then add to your favorite mug – mine was this awesome French mug I got at Midfest and then top with whip cream if you desire – I also had a glass of water to wash it down (if you see a Batgirl mug let me know I am tired of drinking out of Pete’s green lantern glass) – it was so rich I knew if I didn’t I would have to make another glass or three. So guess what I even convinced test subject husband to try this concoction and he liked it! Almost had another test subject for you but he was ill…until next time test subject Dalton! So this is easy to double and make more or less chocolate tasting just by adjusting the Nutella obviously. If a whole cup wont fit in your mug or whatever just measure with the mug – wow genius I know!

If you want a printable version click HERE - I am currently contemplating making these for all of my past blogs let me know what you think!

Still want a Batgirl glass...


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