Friday, December 28, 2012

How to make Homemade Chocolate Syrup

I have some people in my life that are obsessed – well maybe that’s not the word – but they insist on only eating all natural foods. They will not eat things unless they are all natural. I have read tons of blogs that are the same way too – the whole “I don’t feed my kids junk, I only give them homemade all natural items. Well good for you, but not all of us care. Want to know someone else who did not care? My great grandmother – the second she could buy anything in the store and avoid making it she did. Guess what it came with high fructose corn syrup and all those other things people don’t like. Now if you are one of those people who hate the HFCS that’s fine but, I just really don’t care if I ingest it or not. Now that being said this next recipe is for you. It is homemade chocolate syrup. It is all natural and the only reason I made it was because of the following:

1. I wanted chocolate milk

2. It was cold out

3. There was a giant blizzard

4. I did not want to walk to the store

5. Because it was more expensive at the store any way

Note that this may not have been in the order I decided to make this but one and two did happen right after one another.

Yes I have made this before but I liked this recipe more than the other one I tried so I figured might as well share it. What you will need:

3/4 c. sugar

3/4 c. brown sugar

1 c. unsweetened cocoa powder – just plain ol’ use it for baking type (I did use dark thanks for noticing!)

1 c. Water

1/4 tsp. Salt

1 tsp Vanilla Pure extract – if you want to keep this all natural use only pure – although I did use my homemade!

In a medium saucepan combine sugars, salt, and Cocoa Powder just whisk it together. Then add the water whisk it until combined then turn on the stove and bring this to a boil whisking frequently. Once it boils reduce heat to medium low and simmer until it thickens a little and slightly reduces. Basically about 2 minutes stirring a lot – don’t want it to burn! When turn off heat and remove from heat source if using anything other than a gas stove (they instantly shut off heat…oh how I miss my gas stove…) and add vanilla whisk one last time, pour hot mixture into a mason jar or any other glass jar you have let it come to room temp and then lid it and put it in the fridge or add a shot or two to some milk and enjoy just keep the jar in the fridge when not in use. Again I did make a dark chocolate version of this but I like it like that. Mmmm hope you make some today I will tell you this – it tastes better than store bought – maybe because I didn’t have to walk to the store to get it…meh oh well – bottoms up! Add it to milk, coffee, ice cream, or whatever you think needs chocolate. Which could be anything....Click HERE to find a printable version - by the way do you all like the printable version? Having issues commenting? It's because you need an account but feel free to comment away on my facebook page for me or the blog! Let me know what you think - oh and sorry for the absence been busy!

The Plot Thickens - or in this case the chocolate sauce


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