Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This year updated

No how to this week – more of a review.

Things I have done this year, things that have happened, and things I am looking forward to.

1. My Grandfather passed this year – we all still miss him everyday

2. Victoria and Elijah started school (Niece and Nephew)

3. We got a new nephew – Jacob

4. We moved into an apt.

5. Peter and I each had good birthdays

6. My friend had a baby – she also lost that baby before new years – she is still in need of a lot of prayers

7. My other friend Had a Baby and named Peter and I the godparents

8. last pregnancy update – my other friend is due soon and she is crazy fat right now J

9. Peter and I were in a wedding party

10. I was a best man – be jealous

11. I made a lot of delicious meals

12. I have learned budgeting very well

13. I had lymph nodes removed from my breast area and tested for cancer – it came back negative but it was very scary for about a month – if you wonder why I was worried I will tell you now that everyone but my mom has had breast cancer in my family – all the blood related women – except her sisters too but both of my grandma’s their sisters and nieces did – now you see the caution

14. I made a headboard for my bed – it’s great

15. I started sewing more

16. I attempted to do couponing

17. I meal plan a week in advance now – not that Peter always allows me to adhere to that

18. I have decided I am going to compile a recipe book for my family – it will have their recipes in it from the Thacker’s, Sauter’s, and Gepharts – Maybe even a few Grahams (Maternal Grandmothers Maiden name) Including some of my recipes from this blog – I may even sell it to people – I still am undecided on that one.

19. Peter passed the first part of his CDL test – he is going to eventually become a truck driver to “take care of his family”

20. Our “Family” is me the Hedgehog, and the Cat….

21. Cat’s name is Spooky – she’s not fat yet but she eats like a fatty

22. His hedgehogs name is Checkov – note it is HIS not mine – I do not want to clean it

23. I sewed through my finger – it’s fine now

24. Peter Sr (Peter’s Grandpa) had a stroke on July 3rd – he is doing much better than he was! He even walks without a walker or cane – looking good

25. I still have my job as a technical writer for Avery Dennison – not that I get paid like one but hey I’ll take the experience and Title – I am a contractor for them though so that’s irritating!

26. I was hospitalized this year for some scar tissue that became blocked inside me but I was fine two days later

27. My living grandfather (everyone always asks which one…) was hospitalized at the end of the year – he is feeling much better

28. I have read like 500 books this year – okay well at least 50 someone got yelled at for reading too much

29. I have not been writing other than this blog, but I have been doing technical writing for work – which has been fun and my “big boss” has taken notice and likes them.

30. This next year I am looking forward to the paid holidays I get for being with my company for a year – yay!

31. I look forward to reading more books even if I am just rereading them

32. I look forward to seeing some family members more often

33. I am hoping I can travel to Tennessee this year

34. I am hoping that Peter and I can have a real vacation this year
35. I love my job
36. My allergies are still killing me!
37. I am looking forward to all the blogs I will be writing this year!

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