Tuesday, February 26, 2013

100 things...

100 Things to know for my 100th blog post

1. I love chocolate – I can see the surprise on your face

2. Last year and the start of this year has been hell – very sad

3. People often ask why Peter did not get me an engagement ring, nobody in my family has one, not my mom or my grandma's. I did not want one, just a promise ring.
4. I got a new cell phone, and no it does not have a data plan

5. I attempt to do couponing but I stink at it

6. I eat rather healthy for being as big as I am

7. I walk a lot

8. I am sewing more often than normal

9. Peter and I are loving our apartment

10. Peter is learning to drive a big truck so he can get a better job

11. I am compiling a cookbook for my family with a lot of recipes in it

12. I was in a wedding this past October

13. I miss college

14. I miss my friends from college

15. I am still having weird dreams

16. Peter and I are not going to do Invitro – and no it was not because he is Catholic

17. I don’t want to talk about Invitro or fertility with you or any of your friends who “Went through exactly the same thing”

18. There are many ways to be a parent, we are thinking adoption, I would prefer foster to adopt personally

19. Just because you have a child does not make you a parent

20. Right now we are enjoying being the cool Aunt and Uncle

21. I still wish I was more crafty

22. I need to wear more jewelry

23. I still hate making pie crusts

24. I stay up every night until Peter gets home and have dinner with him so that he can have a hot meal with someone

25. However, if he gets an overnight truck job that wont happen

26. People often ask how I have enough energy to come home from work clean and cook dinner for Peter and then get up early and pack him a lunch – uh it’s just housework I got this – and the cooking well it’s my therapy outlet

27. I have also been asked why did I start this blog – Technical writing is apparently boring so I needed a creative outlet and most of my friends suck at cooking – sorry but you do

28. I hate overcooked dry meat

29. I hate chicken breast…true story I hate that cut

30. My favorite color is still blue

31. Peter and I have a cat and a hedgehog – cat is spooky, hedgehogs name is Pavel Andreivich Chekov – yes my hubby is a start trek fan

32. Apparently my best friend loves Star Trek too

33. I have hung out with the Trinity more often this past year than ever before since Derek moved back and Sara is closer

34. I still really miss my Grandpa - may he rest in peace

35. My great aunt just passed away she was in her 90’s and I knew her very well it was hard – especially since it left my grandma as the last of her family – no more siblings for her

36. Peter and I have 2 Nieces and 2 Nephews now – Victoria, Elijah, Malia and Jacob (in order of age there too)

37. Weird but interesting fact, Tori and Malia have the same birthday.

38. I love the Doctor

39. I am in love with Sherlock too

40. I still hate pink

41. I need a bookshelf – another one

42. There are some people I have pretty much cut out of my life – I enjoy it

43. Someday – probably on our ten year anniversary, Peter and I are going to go to France – for me since I love it more than anywhere else

44. I want to live in France still

45. I still want to live in Maine too – I can’t help it I loved it there

46. I am currently going through pre-menopause at the ripe age of 24

47. I still suck at arts and crafts

48. I miss doing floral design – I was actually pretty decent

49. I love Pintrest but sometimes when I make a recipe off there and it sucks it makes me really mad!

50. I have no idea what to do with the recipes I try for this blog that fail.

51. I hate failed recipes, especially ones that are just bad recipes for no reason.

52. My dr. is putting me on medicine that will probably make me sick and up my chances for breast cancer but apparently I’ll have to take them

53. We are running a D and D campaign at my apartment every Saturday so far, and I love it

54. I am the DM, aka; I get to play a god over the characters.

55. They never do what you expect…

56. I need more French decorations for my home- ideas?

57. I love my job, I just wish it was full time

58. Thankfully it is great experience!

59. I only see my husband for an hour or two every night before bed, that’s why weekends are so important to us

60. It reminds me of being in college when we had a long distance relationship – it’s okay, I would not recommend it for everyone

61. My favorite veggie is asparagus

62. My favorite utensil in the kitchen is the rubber scrapper. It can be used for so many things

63. The most important utensil in my kitchen is my hand mixer – it is a kitchen aid and I bought it when I was in college, best 50 bucks I EVER spent, it was on sale, and it was blue

64. My least favorite utensil in my kitchen is a blender…I never know exactly what to use them for…right now mine is for pureeing canned tomatoes, works great for that

65. I probably don’t like a blender because I never had one growing up and most people use theirs to make milkshakes, well…that I can’t have

66. I do not use my microwave nearly as much as most people do

67. When I need to melt butter or heat something up I normally use the stove, habit from college when I did not have a microwave I think

68. Peter loves the microwave though, so that’s good!

69. When we got our entertainment center we set up our computer to be a media center, it is so nice

70. Peter bought a new TV this year – since ours was dying

71. We have a PS3 finally…and I love it!

72. I love hearing from you all, weather it be on facebook, or just on the blog, it is nice to hear something

73. I hope you all like my facebook page, or follow me on twitter – for my tweets

74. I really did not expect to still be blogging

75. I may not keep it up after this year – running out of space and ideas

76. I have made a vow to try to update once a week

77. So far so good, but I am running out of new things to show you all to make

78. Being that I have a food blog you would think I would make more foods than I do at my house, we eat a lot of the same things

79. I do menu planning though, not that Peter lets me follow it

80. I love shopping at Kroger and GFS

81. Every single time I go to Walmart I want to punch someone in the face

82. I love cousin Vinny’s Pizza – plus I love the name – and the free cups I get

83. I have way too many glasses in my house- we could each use two a day for a month before I would have to wash them

84. I also have a surplus of forks, spoons, and steak knives, but not butter knives…weird

85. Peter had his first trip to Ikea – his idea, he hated it too

86. I had to plan our Valentines day this year, because Peter did it last year

87. We celebrate any holiday or event on Saturdays because we work Monday through Friday

88. I need a new TV show to watch…the Doctor needs to come back, and regenerate back to David Tennant, ten will always be my Doctor

89. Eleven is Peters favorite doctor – he must be blind

90. I am terrified of mascots – still to this day, always have, always will

91. I do not like cupcakes – I prefer cake

92. I do not like fruit pie

93. I have an addiction to checking my email

94. It bothers Peter, but I constantly reread books I have already read once – he seems to think it’s silly

95. I love fairy tales – I have several different types on my tablet including, French, English, Chinese, Japanese, Nordic, and German (Grimm) traditional fairy tales, however, my favorite will always be Beauty and the Beast – she’s French, and she gets an awesome Library

96. I have this habit if someone says an incorrect word like “lie-berry” I will reply with oh I love the “lie-BRARY” yeah, I correct people but not too obviously

97. I do not pretend to be perfect I know my English is not perfect even if I did go to school for it, once you stop studying your brain goes down hill, plus nobody’s perfect

98. Peter and I may fight from time to time, but he makes me really happy, even if he is a moron sometimes

99. Peter and I want to open a game store – with comics, video games, D and D supplies, and other geeky gadgetry!

100. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life, or where I want to live but right now I am enjoying figuring it out with my husband

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to make Fried Rice

This week I have no photos of me making this dish. For several reasons, the first is, I forgot to take photos, following that up with my tablet was dead, and finally this is a quick dish that takes no time to make so I did not have time to make it. Fried Rice…this is simple.

What you need:

Soy Sauce

“Old” Rice (pre-cooked white rice that is cold and has been in the fridge for a day or so leftover from Chinese food you ordered works well)

Veggies – really anything you want to put in it, or nothing at all

Meat- any kind you want or nothing at all
Peter and I enjoy Veggie fried rice it is one of the few things that we like without meat. So here is what you do. Prep some veggies; we did Carrots, Onions (green), and Celery. I love putting pea pods in but I did not have any.

So here is all you have to do. Prep the veggies, you know chop them up into bite size pieces. Now take a large (preferably non stick) skillet and add some oil and sauté those veggies, just a little bit. When they are tender take them out of the skillet and put them in a bowl or something to hold them for the time being. Now there should still be some oil in your skillet if not add a little more I really do mean a little. Like 2 teaspoons max. Now if you had a wok you could make the rice in that, which I do not have one so I will use the large non-stick skillet I have. So when the oil is hot add the rice into the pan and begin to warm it, move it around in the skillet and begin to cook it again. Once it is pretty much warmed through add enough soy sauce to turn all the white rice brown. Taste it and see if it needs more or less soy sauce. It took me 1/2 c. of soy sauce, but I had 6 c. of rice. Once the rice is heated all the way through and all soy sauced up add the veggies back to the rice, taste again to see if you need more soy sauce or not. Turn off the heat and serve in a giant bowl with chopsticks…or a spoon or fork whatever! So how does it taste, well I had a roommate from China who liked it, so I guess it was okay! Now normally you would add an egg or two to this dish but since I do not eat eggs (they make me sick) I never have, but if you want to, you add the eggs at the end of the veggies when they are sautéing cook the eggs all the way through and let it sit with veggies until you add it to the rice. If your rice stuck to the pan it was too fresh. Trust me you need old rice for this. I hope you make this dish! It’s easy and yummy and pretty cheap!

Yeah that's what it'll look like when done...not that this is mine... and it's okay if it's darker than this

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to make Lemon Chess Pie

When I was at Eastern we used to eat at a place called Powell. Today I rather miss Powell, its been a while since I have eaten there. Not that the food was amazing, quite the opposite, it was not that great, I just kind of miss heading there with friends to grab a bite to eat. Okay well attempting to grab a bite to eat, there were day’s where the food was amazing; about once a month or so. Now there are days, like today where I really, really miss it. For example, today as I am writing this is Mardi Gras, fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday at Powell meant the following: A pancake station, Jambalaya, crayfish (or whatever you call it), and King Cake. I love King Cake, and just buying it for me is stupid, so today, had I been on campus I’d be enjoying a whole lot of different traditional foods, with my friends. But I am stuck at home. Now normally I would tell you oh let’s make king cake. No I am not going to make king cake, nor beignets, I don’t have enough strength to make it. It is way too much effort, way too much. Anyway moving along my friends from college the ones who I used to eat at Powell, I miss them too, a lot. The other day I was reminiscing about being at school and I thought you know what they really liked my Lemon Chess pie. Pie sounds good! Then I thought back to the first time I ever had it, at Powell. Okay so maybe I liked Powell more than I let on.  Anyway, all that was for me to tell you how much I loved school. Also how much my friends loved my lemon chess pie and all of this was also because my friend told me she was upset with some lemon squares her mom had made. They were not good, so I gave her this recipe, then decided, you know what I need some pie too. So here is the best lemon chess pie I’ve ever made, you should make some too.
1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cups white sugar
3 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract or lemon
zest and juice of 3 lemons
So melt the butter, and beat in some sugar. Add eggs, beat until light and fluffy, I used a whisk, then add vanilla extract, or lemon whatever you want to use, and the juice and zest of three lemons.  Pour into a premade pie crust, since I hate making pie crust you know mine was store bought, then bake at 350 for an hour, the center should be set and wiggle like a pecan pie. Do not test with a knife, just trust it, let sit for at least a half hour and enjoy.  I have no test subjects here tonight but I know my old test subjects, Akeem, Joey, Mike the Holy, and TJ loved it, I wish they were here tonight to eat it. Or heck I just wish we were heading to powell tonight to eat so I could give TJ all the plates from the table and go, God four plates you fatty. Ah college, a time that I miss very much...thanks for all the good times guys! Cook, eat, and enjoy! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to make Swiss Steak

So this past week I had another chuck toast for cheap so I did not want to make the normal stuff, you know, pot roast, so I was talking to my Mom and she said make Swiss Steak! It's easy! Well she had me at easy.
So here is what you need:
1 large chunk of meat - mine was 5 lbs
2 - 3 cans of tomato sauce
1 onion - large
I seared my meat, then I put it in my little baking dish, covered it with tomato sauce and added some sliced onions to the top and baked at 300 for like two hours. Then when it was done cooking I placed it over the top of some mashed potatoes and ate it, it was amazing. I hope you make one too!