Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to make Fried Rice

This week I have no photos of me making this dish. For several reasons, the first is, I forgot to take photos, following that up with my tablet was dead, and finally this is a quick dish that takes no time to make so I did not have time to make it. Fried Rice…this is simple.

What you need:

Soy Sauce

“Old” Rice (pre-cooked white rice that is cold and has been in the fridge for a day or so leftover from Chinese food you ordered works well)

Veggies – really anything you want to put in it, or nothing at all

Meat- any kind you want or nothing at all
Peter and I enjoy Veggie fried rice it is one of the few things that we like without meat. So here is what you do. Prep some veggies; we did Carrots, Onions (green), and Celery. I love putting pea pods in but I did not have any.

So here is all you have to do. Prep the veggies, you know chop them up into bite size pieces. Now take a large (preferably non stick) skillet and add some oil and sauté those veggies, just a little bit. When they are tender take them out of the skillet and put them in a bowl or something to hold them for the time being. Now there should still be some oil in your skillet if not add a little more I really do mean a little. Like 2 teaspoons max. Now if you had a wok you could make the rice in that, which I do not have one so I will use the large non-stick skillet I have. So when the oil is hot add the rice into the pan and begin to warm it, move it around in the skillet and begin to cook it again. Once it is pretty much warmed through add enough soy sauce to turn all the white rice brown. Taste it and see if it needs more or less soy sauce. It took me 1/2 c. of soy sauce, but I had 6 c. of rice. Once the rice is heated all the way through and all soy sauced up add the veggies back to the rice, taste again to see if you need more soy sauce or not. Turn off the heat and serve in a giant bowl with chopsticks…or a spoon or fork whatever! So how does it taste, well I had a roommate from China who liked it, so I guess it was okay! Now normally you would add an egg or two to this dish but since I do not eat eggs (they make me sick) I never have, but if you want to, you add the eggs at the end of the veggies when they are sautéing cook the eggs all the way through and let it sit with veggies until you add it to the rice. If your rice stuck to the pan it was too fresh. Trust me you need old rice for this. I hope you make this dish! It’s easy and yummy and pretty cheap!

Yeah that's what it'll look like when done...not that this is mine... and it's okay if it's darker than this

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