Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to make Hot Dog Casserole

This weekend my grandparents moved from Tennessee back to Miamisburg Ohio. We are exhausted. It has been a very, very, VERY, exhausting move. Special thanks to everyone who helped (my two cousins, their wives, my uncle, their uncles (not my father), dad, husband, mom, my two brothers, and of course grandma and grandpa). They are excited to be back home. We are happy to have them but that has put a small crimp in my blogging plans. I was hoping to have a guest author this weekend but that did not turn out, nor did the three different cookies I made – guess who forgot to take photos!! So normally I’ll have a couple of recipes already taken photo of and ready to go. Well that is not the case this time. I would also like to take this time to tell you I got a new mixer. A Kitchenaid stand mixer, it’s okay if you are jealous, it’s blue. I love it. Anyway I still need guest bloggers and here is this week’s recipe! And no, it does not require a mixer!

What you need:

Hot dogs
Mayo - just trust me
Onion - one small
Relish (I did not use)
Okay this is easy. Take a 13x9 pan line it in foil. This is NOT an optional step! Now take hot dog buns and line with mayo, mustard, and Relish if you like relish. I hate pickles so no relish. Now put a hot dog in each bun and line the pan with them, they will fit 6 across and 2 on top. Smash them in if you have to. Now pour a can of chili over the top, everywhere and top with cheddar cheese , cover in tin foil, and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. When the 45 minutes is done pull the foil off and let melt for a bit till it is nice and bubbly. Now when done serve up (you can pull the hot dog bun and all so that you have a whole one) and eat, these need a fork and a knife! I love it, super yummy, I think next time we will throw some sauerkraut on it, because that's what it needs, if you ask me!  Which you are reading my recipe so maybe you do care! If anyone wants to guest blog let me know!

Fork and Knife please!!! 

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