Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to make Oreo Truffles - Guest post, sort of...

This week is a semi guest blog. Test subject Derek wanted to make Oreo truffles. So he asked me how hard is it? I told him it is actually just a time issue. Simple, just takes time. So he tells me: “ If I buy the stuff will you help me make them? Please?!” I should have known better. I told myself, he’s not going to help. But since he has been my best friend since we were 16 (this is actually an inside joke…we were 14) I told him sure. So as he was getting off work he calls me and goes what do I need I gave him the run down

What you will need:

1 package of Oreo’s – he bought double stuffed – fine but I think regular stuffed would have made better truffles

1 package of either chocolate or white candy melts – like 16 oz

1 package (8 oz) of cream cheese

As he left the store he told me he had to run home and then would be over – good because the cream cheese needs to sit out. So once He arrived with the stuff this is how it went down.

Derek: “Here is the crap”

Me: “Everything in the kitchen – no don’t put the cream cheese in the fridge you idiot! It’s easier if it’s room temp”

Justin: “Can we watch Doctor Who? I wanna see the latest episode”

Me: “Fine, yeah.”

Watched an episode then they wanted to watch some older ones so I turned on Netflix

Me: “Derek you going to help me do this?”

Derek: no response

Me *irritated*: “DEREK!”

Derek: “What?!”

Me: “ Are ya going to help?!”

Derek: “But I’m watching the Doctor!”

Me: “Fine!”

So here is how it goes down. Crush up the Oreo’s I did this in my NEW Kitchenaid stand mixer. Yes it worked well! Then add the cream cheese to it and mix until well combined. Once done grab a cookie sheet, cover with wax paper, and start forming small balls – I wore latex free gloves because this is a messy step. I don’t like messy on my hands. *also thanks Justin for taking photos* Then once you have formed all the balls place the cookie sheet and all into the freezer – yes I have just enough room for it. Trust me this freezer will be nearly empty by Friday. Then while those are chilling lets get our double boiler method going and melt the chocolate. Please note that you should not use chocolate chips. They will not harden. So unless you have paraffin or you want to do tempering just buy the other. At this point I joined them to watch another Doctor who episode. I let the double boiler method work on low – I was in no hurry. By the time the Doctor saved England my truffles had hardened and my candy was just almost melted – just needed a good stir. If you are wondering how long it takes the Doctor to save England, the answer is about 43 minutes. Now I pulled the truffles out three at a time from the freezer– had another sheet with wax paper ready - and dipped then sat on the sheet * at this point you can put sprinkles or anything else on them *. Repeated until I finished off my truffles. I then returned them to the freezer because I think they taste yummy frozen. So how did they taste? Well the following test subjects were not bribed or threatened in any way (although one was begged to eat it and guilt tripped into it) Scott, Peter, Justin, Sara, Derek, Lizzie, Dalton (yes he finally had one), and me! I loved them, as did they! So success (if you are like me you just pictured the three stooges saying this and that’s awesome)! Let me know if you want to guest blog – and you better not guest blog like Derek.

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