Friday, May 17, 2013

How to make individual smashed potatoes - I guess that is what I am calling them

There are things in this world I will and will not make a lot of. One of them is potatoes. Oh my word does everyone love potatoes? Seriously, I think we have potatoes with almost every dinner. Do I like potatoes? Sure, if they are fried or baked. Guess what I don’t like, Potato skins, guess what my husband loves, potato skins. Guess what else I don’t like mashed potatoes. You all already knew that. Well I bought a tiny bag of mini potatoes and I thought Peter always complains because I make “fake potatoes” they are potato flakes what do you think they are made of? The first ingredient on the dang package says POTATOES it counts. Anyway I thought oh those will be easier I can just boil those and I wont mind the skin – I hate the skin. Well this was a great idea, but the Trinity and Justin were coming over so I thought you know what I have seen recipes for those individual smashed potatoes I should make those! By the way this is the best title I could come up with  I have no clue what to call them so any ideas would be awesome! This is their story.
What you will need:
1 bag of small potatoes
Olive Oil or butter – guess what I used (I keep forgetting to buy olive oil…)
Herb of your choice
An oven
A pot of boiling water
Okay get your big pot add salt to it – lots and bring to a boil in the mean time rinse those taters. Then throw them in the pot – boiling or not I don’t care. Once they are in the pot add a lid and cook until fork tender – we want these suckers whole so do not cut them. Please. They like looking the way they do! So once they are fork tender strain them then put them on a foil lined greased cookie sheet with sides or your large cake pan because your cookie sheets are busy. Then if you have a potato masher mash each potato down till it is squashed. Or if you are like me and do not own one because you did not want to take your mothers antique ones grab a heavy glass and push them down until they are smashed open. Now add melted butter to the tops of each one then lots of salt – they are potatoes people you know how they are, and lots of pepper, then add some herb of your choice I did Herbs De Provence – they are apparently some French herbs, looks like Rosemary, oregano, and parsley if you ask me. Anyway then bake in a 400 degree oven for about 15 – 20 minutes or until crispy, mine did not get super crispy I pulled them out too quick. I would have waited but the Trinity, Justin, and Peter were all crowding me in the kitchen. So I plated them put them on the table and then they all wanted cheese and sour cream with them, well here is how it went anyway.
Peter: What no cheese!
Derek: Hey yeah! Why not
Sara: Ooo yeah cheese
Me: Stares
Derek: Well!?
Me: Yes that is just what I want on MY potatoes cheese.
Peter: Laughs
Justin: Oh you’re lactose intolerant aren't you?
Me: You are now my favorite
We did put cheese on the table and a tub of sour cream. So verdict? I’ll make these again – easy enough and kind of tasty. Ah potatoes so versatile. Boil em, mash em, put em in a stew – Po-ta-toes.

Derek "Helping"

I'll Smash it with a hammer! 

Deep in thought

add butter

Toast it up! 

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