Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to make Amazing Brownies

This weeks only Question I received was from my Technical Writing friend, it was
Q: How do you separate an egg
A: You put it in a bowl away from the others and tell it "You know what you did!!!" Just kidding. Here is how I do it. I grab my egg and GENTLY crack it and place it into my clean hand (over a bowl) so that I am holding a whole egg. I open my hand like I am making a "live long an prosper" sign and allow the egg yolk and white to move toward the space. Then the white will start to separate away from the yellow. I continue to allow it to do that until all the white drops away from the yolk and then I put the yolk in a different bowl. You can also use the egg shells to separate them here is an actual video link for that because I don't ever do the shell: Video for eggs. Now they also have egg separators you can buy in the store where you just crack the egg into the top hole and wait for the white to leave. Word of caution if you are using a recipe that requires just egg whites get no yellows in there or else your recipe will not turn out correctly. Also whatever part you do not need you can freeze and use later. Just make sure to label the baggie so you are not like hmm is that 4 egg whites or 12.... Great question! Keep them coming! Ironically enough I actually have photos of the hand version because Justin took photos of it. Hope that helps!

Sometimes in life I make things by accident and they turn out to be awesome. Not always, actually normally this is not the case. Normally I try random recipes off the Internet and they suck, hardcore. For example: Garlic Soy Pork Chops – tastes like a cows salt lick; Italian chicken – you know with the Italian dressing – also sucked; Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken – who made this piece of leather?!  Finally the one that ticked me off the most Overnight French Toast – but I've already discussed that one. That being said normally when it is a baking recipe I know if it will turn out or not just by reading it, but when making something savory it’s a guess like you kind of know that those three tablespoons of salt should not be in this dish and you’ll cut it back, but sometimes the recipe seems great and sucks. That is not your fault. Trust me I have made too many to know. 
Yes I am a great baker and a rather pretty decent cook (if you don't believe me come over for dinner). I am a good recipe finder but what I lack is patience. I think we all can lack that to a degree. My Grandma Gephart has zero patience and she says I am just like her – so poor Grandpa G. 
Anyway, the point of this recipe is I was in a hurry and I needed to make my grandparents a dessert. My brother suggested brownies. So I knew they did not have unsweetened chocolate so melting it to make brownies was out of the question so I went to the Internet and got a Cocoa Powder Brownie recipe. Whipped it up really quick – doubled so I didn’t have to make it in a 9x9 then topped with some chocolate chips and baked. Didn’t think anything of it when it came out just though hmm looks decent.

Let me give you this recipe:
1/2 c. Vegetable Oil
1 c. White Sugar
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
2 Eggs
1/2 c. Flour
1/3 c. Cocoa Powder
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Salt
Nuts or Other Mix-In if you want
*Please note this is for a 9x9 pan, if you have a 13x9 double it*

So mix oil, sugar, and vanilla together in a bowl, no need for a mixer. Then add eggs one at a time mixing thoroughly. Add the dry mix a little at a time until well blended. Then once that is done pour into a prepared GREASED pan (these still stuck after I greased so flour will help too) and bake at 350 for 20 – 25 minutes mine took almost 30 minutes and it puffed up. Let it cool and slice and enjoy. 
Now my grandparents are not like me – they will eat then wait hours and have something sweet. I on the other hand need to eat and then have something sweet. Always have. So my grandma sent me a text at 10:30 and was like those are the best brownies I have ever had. I was like okay, sure. Then I tried a piece the next day, and yes these are the best brownies I have ever had. So even though I was thinking this recipe would be okay and plain it was awesome. You should try a new recipe this week too! Maybe this one – it is amazing. 

 Here is the Egg

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