Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to make Death by Chocolate Cake

Sunday was my birthday. I turned 25 – this is nice for several reasons. I can rent a car for a low rate, I supposedly get lower car insurance, and I get cake. If you know me, which you should since you are reading this, you will know I love chocolate. If you don’t know this you are blind. That being said I decided I was going to make an amazing chocolate cake. I would bake, level, frost, and devour this cake was the plan. Only one problem, I have never leveled a cake before. However, test subject Mac has. I purchased a leveler (like 3 bucks) although she told me a serrated bread knife would work. Then we got to work. This is what we made:
Death By Chocolate Cake:
1 brownie layer
2 dark chocolate cake layers
Chocolate fudge frosting (recipe to follow)
Whipped Chocolate buttercream frosting (recipe to follow)

Chocolate fudge frosting:
½ c butter
3 (1 oz each) squares of unsweetened chocolate
1 pound (4 c) powdered sugar
½ tsp of vanilla extract
About ¾ c of milk
Melt the butter and chocolate together and in the meantime combine sugar, vanilla and 1/2 c. of the milk in the mixer. When chocolate is melted pour it into the mixer while the mixer is running. Now if you think it is too thick add the rest of the milk. If it looks thin good, it will set up as it cools.

Whipped Chocolate Buttercream:
1 1/2 c. butter
1 pound of powdered sugar
1/2 c of cocoa powder
3 – 4 tbsp of milk
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
Beat the butter for 6 – 8 minutes in a mixer or until it is white and fluffy seriously 6 minutes at least. Add cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, and milk. Beat until very fluffy, about 4 – 5 minutes.

This is what we did. I had already baked the cakes and brownie and let them cool completely. I whipped up some frosting. Literally. Then I asked Mac to show me how to level a cake. It was easy enough you take the little device, decide how high you want it, set it for that height and run the leveler through, slowly working away at each side. While she did that I got the fudge frosting ready to use she placed the first layer on my cake stand and I added a generous slab of fudge filling, we then placed my brownie layer, which did not need leveling, topped it with more fudge, then the last layer went on and she did what is known as a crumb coat. She took the fudge frosting and spread it all over with a semi thin layer until it was completely covered. We then let it harden – which we waited about 45 minutes, we went back and took the whipped frosting and I again let Mac frost it. For two reasons, one it was my birthday cake, and two she frosts prettier than I do. I have zero patience. She has OCD and has to have perfection. She then frosted my cake to perfection and we put a lid on it and waited to inhale the cake later. Now what did we do with the extra? I made cake bites out of the left over cake and some frosting. I had planned to top the cake with some but I decided they were not very pretty so I fed them to test subject Ethan (yes he is new to my blog, he has not eaten a whole lot of my creations but here lately he has been). I then made everyone sing me happy birthday and then we devoured the cake, well I cut it into 16 slices first, so that there were smaller slices, which was plenty since it was so dang rich. Now I know what you are thinking? How did it taste. Freaking awesome! If you are wondering where I got this idea, I got it from Pintrest, then I tweaked it, the only thing I took from the Pintrest recipe was the chocolate cake layered with brownie idea, everything else I did on my own. What do you think?! Sounds amazing huh! Go on, I know you want to make it! Let me know if you want to guest blog!





see that cake!

Test subject Ethan!

Test Subject Mac


Test Subject Justin and Derek

New Test Subject Kala!

Test Subject Dalton

the dude again 

Derek Showing his true colors 

My other birthday cake

Blew em all out in one shot!

Finished product again 

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