Friday, September 13, 2013

How to make Smoked Ribs

Let’s discuss something. My friends. They have either really good ideas, or they lead me down a dangerous cooking path. For example: Derek, always convinces me to make sweets. Especially when I am trying to lose weight. I know he does this on purpose. Sara, she’s always like let’s eat pasta! Jon always say’s ew no chocolate, let’s try this recipe, oh we’ll make up half of it. Akeem, well he’s always up for any experiment. Tristan, well, he’s up to eat anything I make, along with Tiffanie. Then we have Marissa, she’s the worst. She say’s things like “JJ I just saw the most amazing thing ever on TV we should make this” this is a problem. Because it is always a challenge, and sometimes it is amazing, not always, but when it is, it’s fantastic.  Her and Jon (her stupid husband that I love dearly) came up to go to the renaissance festival. Her and I used to live together, and because of this we know what each person likes to watch on TV when we do watch, which is not very often. However, her and I, we love the food network. Anyway, we were watching food network and we see this episode of a show where they have smoked meat that has been smoked over Apple Wood and basted with apple juice every hour until the meat was cooked. Marissa goes, “Oh my god, that sounds sooooo good” our brains kick into overdrive and we figure out how to smoke with out a smoker, in the house, and how to make this. Therefore, this is my how to on smoked meat. IN the house!
What you need:
Bag of Wood chips – apple is what we used
Meat of your choice – we did ribs
Dry rub
BBQ sauce (optional)
Apple juice
Roasting pan or a large pan with wire racks

Now this is what we did, we went to the store and bought what we needed, made my dry rub, and no I can’t tell you what was in it, make your own! (I will note that it had garlic, brown sugar, and pepper in it, but that’s all you’ll ever know!) I rubbed my rub on the ribs, generously, and placed them in the fridge overnight up to 24 hours on these bad boys. The next morning I soaked some wood chips, you need to soak them for at least 2 hours. Then, when I was ready to cook I grabbed the wood chips, placed a thin layer on the bottom of my huge pan. Added some water to the pan (this is important please don’t forget the water unless you want a smoke filled house) then we made some tin foil balls to leave the meat off of the wood chips, we want the smoke to rise and cook them without sitting in the wood. Now we put our wire racks over the foil balls, placed the meat down and put it in the oven, which we had at 215 degrees. Then every hour on the hour (okay I set the timer) I pulled them out and basted them with Apple Juice. Every.Single.Hour. At that time I also made sure there was water with the wood chips. I did this for four hours, and they were cooked. I removed them from the oven and ingested some. Dang, these were AMAZING! We loved them! Jon, Marissa, Peter (surprisingly), and I. We all loved them! They were even great the next day! The apple juice and wood gave them this great flavor! Oh man. I want to make them again…next time I will make this with Pork Butt! Mmmmm pulled pork done this way would be amazing. Please hold while I droll. Smoke, and Enjoy your own ribs, pretty sure this was not on my diet either…oh well!


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