Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sorry for the inconvenience

So if you are this way and wondering well why hasn't she posted since October?! Several things have happened, I lost a friend, Scott, who was the inspiration for a few of my posts. He would talk about my blog with me too. He's gone and it was hard for a while. Just when I was getting ready to feel better about it and went back to cooking my Grandpa passed away, unexpectedly to say the least.  I then got a new job, worked there for a total of three weeks, then, thanks to government budget cuts, I got laid off. It has not been easy. I have not been feeling the best nor have I been okay here recently. But I did post well over 100 awesome recipes to this blog, so my project that started out as an outlet for school was a success. However, now for the time being I am not feeling like I need to continue. I don't have any recipes to give that are unique or you could not do on your own. Thank you all for reading and I may start again someday, but for the time being it's not happening.