Sunday, August 3, 2014

Update and How to make Jalapeno Poppers

Wow, it has been a while since I have updated, shhhhh I know you have missed me! So what is new? We bought a house, started a new job in February, quit and found another job, been working at a new place. Our house, is a 3 bed room, I have a giant kitchen, an amazing table in it, it is right down the street from my In-laws which is nice for borrowing my father-in-law's power sander (I'll take it back eventually). I have been refinishing/ updating furniture, a dresser, table, and cabinet have been done thus far. It is my new favorite hobby! Hubby got a new job recently! He has been working for AAA cooper for almost five years so it is exciting! He is going to be doing IT work for the Warren County Career Center WCCC, which I always add a lot of extra c's to! I have still been cooking and creating I have just not updated recently, which is unfortunate because I loved blogging but I was just not into it. I became run down and discouraged. My grandpa’s, which had both been featured in my blog and would always try out any of the things I ever created. Therefore, losing both of them put a damper on my creative process. I was depressed, still am, but I know if I don't get back into writing this I never will, and seeing as this is my creative outlet I need to focus on something positive. Grief is a difficult thing to process and that is ok, at least that's what people tell me. I am stuck on the “avoid the problem” stage. Not that I am denying anything happened, no, I am just avoiding it, makes life easier. I don't think I'll ever get past that stage but if I do it'll be a miracle! 

Now, enough about me get to the reason your here, cooking.  

Jalapeno poppers this week, now you know I do not like peppers, well this is not like any you've ever had! I went out with Peter and a few friends one night and we had some of these things and I thought OK I can make these better! To which a new test subject responded with of course you can! 

What you need:
8 oz of Cream Cheese
1/4 tsp of Garlic Powder
1/4 tsp of paprika
1 can of Jalapeno's or fresh NOT PICKLED (the little can's you're only going to use a little any way)
Won-ton wrappers 
Oil for frying 

Okay first let me preface this by saying any kind of wrapper that they use at the Chinese restaurant would be ok, egg rolls, crab Rangoon style, whatever it's cool. Cream cheese should be softened, put it in a bowl, to that add garlic powder, paprika, and a little bit of the Jalapeno's. *Note if using fresh cut out the seeds, if using a can make sure to drain all of the liquid out* To be honest you want about half of the can for one thing of cream cheese, basically you want to see a good amount of green in it but not too many.  Mix well. Very very well. Beat that stuff!!! You want it fluffy and light.  Once that is done grab your wrappers and some water in a vessel.  This would be a good time to pre heat your oil and make a dipping sauce for your wrappers. My dipping sauce is nifty, it is one part seedless raspberry jam three parts of this "hot pepper jelly" it is in with the jellies and it is sweet actually. Sometimes I like extra of the raspberry jam to make it extra sweet, try your own mixes and tell me what you like to do because I’d love to hear it.  *To measure a "part" just grab a spoon, one scoop of one type three of the other.* Then I added just a little bit of water and stirred until it was together and was slightly runny.  From here I put it in the fridge and told it to wait. By the way I just had to buy a new fridge and I love it. Now grab your wrappers and add a little bit of the cream cheese mixture. Depending on which one you are making will depend on how much you want in them. Egg roll style can hold more than Rangoon  style, don't over fill! The water is to put on the wrappers to seal them, just wet your finger rub it around the outside then seal it completely. Sometimes mine does not seal very well, if this happens you will lose ALL of your filling for the most part. Okay so fry them until golden brown. Then try some sauce with them. 

*Easy pro tip fill a piping bag with the mixture and cut a medium hole and then dot the right amount in each one thus making it easier and not having to use a spoon all the time*

Now for the big question! How did they taste?

Well let's see the whole DND test group ate them, including Pax, who and I quote "I don't do spicy" and Kyler who only eats Pizza, Chipotle, Ramen noodles, and hot pockets he admitted to us one night, ate a couple of them. Finally, myself, I do not typically remark on my food since I feel I am overly critical of my own creations, I loved this, oh my lord was it amazing I am so sorry I didn't take photos the first time! It caused me to have to make it again...darn! We had a couple of test subjects eat them, and there was not even one left. Yes, I will say this is my most successful creation! Feel free to tweak it and make it different, this is just perfect for a party because it's even good cold, but you could easily keep them warm in a crock pot or anything, make them in advance freeze them and bake them or fry them! If you have extra cream cheese mixture left over stuff it into some Jalapenos if you want or keep it in the fridge until you want to make more that is what I did! 

PS I may be speaking about Just Waffles soon; this is a running joke with a new test subject. I may explain this soon I may not! However we recently created a corn bread waffle and topped it with my beer chili...excuse me my mouth is still watering, also that waffle we mixed in some of this cream cheese mixture into it TO DIE FOR. Any way I am glad to be back! I hope you enjoyed my first blog update in about nine months and I am hoping to start this back on a regular basis. 


Whip it good



Time to fry!

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