Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to make Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Welcome back to this week’s most amazing post ever. For those of you who know me understand that I love chocolate for those of you who don’t know me let me explain. Chocolate anything is my weakness. You want me to do anything offer me one of the following items: Chocolate anything (no fruit flavors or mint with it), anything lemon based (lemon cookies, lemon cake, lemon etc.), and pork products. These three things are my weakness in food based items. Anyway, I love chocolate mousse cake, and that is what I decided to make last week. This is partly due to test subject Steve. He hates pudding, I love pudding, (okay he hates pudding cups not pudding). As I sat at dinner in total anger over him not liking pudding cups I thought of a couple of different things, one I love pudding, Two I need cake with pudding, and three I need it now! I realized that I didn’t want pudding so much as I wanted mousse about 25 minutes later but I thought man making a mousse cake is hard work! Maybe I could just make mousse? Or just cake. Then I decided why can’t I make mousse?! I’ve made French silk pie, which is mousse! How hard could this possibly be!? Then I googled it. Okay that was a lot more difficult than I imagined. Every. Single. Recipe. However, I decided to start looking at easy mousse recipes. Then I found one. It was amazing and I decided at that time I can totally do this! I will do this and it will be amazing. Here is the travel and the story!

Please note this recipe is easy!

What you will need:
4.5 oz of good Dark Chocolate
4.5 oz of White Chocolate
6 C. of Heavy Whipping Cream (1 Qt 1 Pint) – yes this is a lot (This will be separated out)
1 bag (12 oz) of Dark Chocolate Chips – I used nestle you can use whatever
1 Box of Cake mix – any kind I used Dark Chocolate
Any ingredients for the cake mix you will need
4 Tbsp of Powdered Sugar
2 Tbsp of Vanilla or any other extract you want
Patience – okay it’s easy I swear!

Okay first thing first make a cake! This recipe will make 2 of these cakes I don’t care if you cut it in half. I mixed up my cake and baked it then let it cool completely. Once it was cooled I wrapped in plastic wrap and popped them in the freezer. The point it so it is cool completely and ready for assembly. At this point I melted down my chocolate. The 4.5 oz of dark chocolate and white chocolate (separate) let these cool, you’re going to be adding whipped cream to it. Once they are cooled make some whip cream. I made mine in two separate batches. I added 2 cups of whipping cream, 1 tbsp of Vanilla or any other flavoring, and 2 tbsp of powdered sugar and beat until it makes almost stiff peaks, it should look like whip cream.
After that you are going to mix the whip cream into this. You take the whip cream and you are going to mix it into the chocolate in thirds, the first third just stir in until completely incorporated, don’t worry about folding. The next third you place i t right in the middle of the mixture and fold the chocolate into until completely mixed, now the last part, throw the rest in the middle of the mixture and just fold the chocolate into until pretty much incorporated, it is ok if there is some left over whip cream at this point you don’t want to over mix or else all the effort you put into making whipped cream will be a total waste.  Repeat this step with the next set of chocolate until complete then, place both of them in the fridge to harden.
After about an hour or so grab your cake and place it in the bottom of a springform pan (or whatever it was just easier) then grab your mousse I also leveled out my cake but you don’t have to. Now, add the dark chocolate mousse first and spread it out (remember I made two of these so I used half of my chocolate mousse at this point).  Then smooth it out and add the white chocolate mousse on top, make it smooth. At this point wrap it and place it in the freezer. Trust me. Now, make a ganache. Grab that package of chocolate chips and the rest of the heavy whipping cream (2 cups) and some vanilla, I also added a little bit of coffee to it but that is totally optional.  Just cook this until it’s fully melted and then remove from heat and let cool. After about 25 - 30 minutes it should be cool enough to pour, grab the cake out of the freezer, pour the ganache on top and pop it into the fridge. Let sit for another hour until it’s fully cooled and set and you can eat it now. However, if you make this a day in advance it is better the next day. I made one put it in the fridge then made the second one and fed it to everyone.
What I learned was each day it sat it tasted better, it softened the cake and let the flavors meld. Now this was so amazing and it was simple, yes it took a quick minute to make, but it was worth every delicious slice I ate. My co-workers ate some, the #BMS enjoyed some, Grace, Kyler, Mom, Tina, Dad, Peter (yeah he ate sweets), and Grandma. It was amazing it was worth every minute of time I put into it. It is light and fluffy and even rich. You could totally make this any way you want, you could add fruit under the chocolate layer, you could use a brownie layer instead of a cake layer (would make it more dense). It is amazing, you should make it...right now!

Yes my phone made a GIF ... epic

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