Friday, July 10, 2015

How to make Iced Coffee

I would like to start this blog by saying my bad. Life has a way of sneaking up on you and you are unable to do the things you love or you neglect them. For example I love reading, writing, and cooking. However, when I am feeling down I have a hard time reading novels and I will read short stories because they are easier to get through. I will half ass my cooking, I mean who really cares right? Then writing? Well that gets delegated to the back burner where I have several blog entries started or made up in my head that never make it further than that. I currently have 6 blogs on my phone (pictures and recipes) ready to go. I have yet to do anything further with them. They are there. That’s my outlet but putting it out…it’s not working out so great. For those of you who don’t know (probably most of you), I suffer from depression. Not for the normal reasons, mine is because my doctor pulled out my ovary. I have had hormone imbalances ever since. Specifically causing me to be depressed. It is super fun! Yes that is Sarcasm! Therefore, allow me to apologize if I do not update as often as possible. No, I do not want to talk about my depression. I do not want to go to therapy I want to see where this new medicine will take me, thus far it’s just made me sick.

Moving along! As I have told you before, I have recipes that never turn out correct, for example my fried pork chops with soy honey glaze…never…right. I have tried that recipe four times, I have never had that one work out! That being said another recipe I have never had turn out correct was iced coffee, not like normal brew coffee and pour it over ice. No not that. I mean cold brew this coffee add milk and sugar kind of stuff! That being said third time is a charm! I got it this time!

What you will need:

1 Cup of Ground Coffee
4 Cups of Filtered Water (no I didn’t used filtered because I don’t care)
10 Cups of Milk (ish kind of I’ll explain later)
Simple Vanilla Syrup – recipe next
Any other flavoring you want
Simple Vanilla Syrup:
1 Cup of Sugar
1 Cup of Water
1 Vanilla bean or 1 Tbsp of pure Vanilla Extract

Okay so in order of how I made this was as followed. I bought vanilla flavored coffee, because I was making caramel macchiato flavored iced coffee. I ground up one cup of coffee beans – rough grind and put them in a glass pitcher then poured water over top four cups actually. In all reality I doubled this recipe since I had a two quart pitcher I knew it would hold 8 cups of water, thanks gallon man! Yes
the coffee would displace the water some but I found this method easier. Now I covered the coffee water stuff with foil and popped it in the fridge overnight. Then that same night I grabbed my sugar and water and vanilla bean put them on a stove and brought them to a boil when it was clear I removed it from the stove top and let it cool – yes it is a simple syrup. Now if you don’t want to buy a vanilla bean or two when you remove it from the heat and it starts to cool down pour in straight vanilla extract about a tablespoon stir and let sit to cool overnight. If you want at this point you could brew some strong coffee, put it into ice cube trays and freeze for tomorrow.
Now fast forward 12 hours to the next morning. Grab a sieve (or colander whatever you have) place some coffee filters in it then place it over a large bowl or pitcher and start to pour the cold coffee mixture over the sieve and go until it’s all emptied out. Now normally I grab the left over grounds and pour them on my hydrangeas so I can make them blue but that’s another discussion. Once it is drained I wanted to make sure it was strong. It was. I grabbed a little cup poured in enough to swish around my mouth and regretted it. It was strong. So strong. But the flavor! It was perfect! Now this is the weird part. Depending on how strong you want this is how much milk you will add. I wanted it strong but not over powering (plus I had the coffee cubes) so I did for every one part of coffee two parts of milk, I used whole milk, but I like whole milk, you can use whatever you want. Meaning I guessed and tweaked till it tasted okay. Then I added my simple sugar, caramel, and stirred until it was mixed thoroughly (I ended up adding ¼ c. of simple syrup and about the same with caramel). Taste, add more sugar or milk to your liking. Now how to serve it up, toss your coffee ice cubes in the cup, pour drink over top, and sip! How did it taste? Test subject Steve made me make another batch because he liked it so much (a chocolate one). I made my coworkers drink it, they liked it! Go ahead and cold brew yourself some coffee! It’s totally worth it!